online pals

I might not have alot of friends IRL but I have plenty of online friends. People who without knowing me gave me their friendship and allowed me inside their life. I enjoy reading their day to day lives and seeing how they are not much different than the way I am. I have quite a few who even met their spouses online.I find that so cool. I do not know what I would do If I didn’t have a computer or wasn’t able to go online. To think that it is almost going to be 10 years since I got my first computer and went online. I am thankful for many things but I am thankful most for all my online pals.

I’m going to Hire a maid

I am cleaning the house for the fifth time today. I swear that by the time I am done with the living room the kitchen is dirty again. By the time I get done with the kitchen it is back to the living room. Who would have thought that children under the age of ten would be so messy and in the span of 2 to three minutes it takes me to go to the bathroom they have had time to make a water mess and get into the markers and write up on my wall. I think they re going just as stir crazy as I am. The girls can’t wait to go to school and the boys can’t wait to have quiet time. Who would have thought that my boys are neater than my girls. even though the boys are younger they know how to pick up they cars and blocks and put them in their toy box. The girls room is a cyclone minutes after I have just picked it up . Ariana always the smarty pants says she can’t wait to grow up so she can have a maid clean it up. I tell her when you are bigger you are going to have to clean your own mess up. right now I help you because I am the mom and that’s what moms do. But no mom likes ceaning the same mess again and again. So what do you think she tells me ? “well I guess I dont want any kids then and I am still going to hire a maid” I can’t believe how these kids think and especially nana she is always trying to find ways to get out of cleaning her mess. she amazes me sometimes.

Christmas Eve here I come

It is Christmas eve and we are getting ready to go to a San Diego Charger game. It’s been a long time since I have gone to a game. I can think back and remember the first time Jason took me. I got up and cheered when the team make a touchdown everyone looked at me crazy and it was because the other team made the touchdown not the one I was supposed to be cheering for. So I learned my lesson on that one . I also Learned that when they stand around doing nothing it’s because they are relaxing while the commercials on t..v. are being shown. I don’t know why but the hotdogs at the game are the best ones. Maybe it is the whole ambiance. Well folks It’s almost time for me to go so Unitl next time

Where do I start

Well I had so many things running through my head that I wanted to blog about, but when it came time to write it all down my mind went blank.
Hmm Oh yeah Friday is Ashley’s Birthday. I cannot believe that she is turning 10 years old. Where does the time fly ? We went out and ordered her cake today and I bought her a nice dress that I am sure she is going to love. She is so girly-girly sometimes. I was watching the kids playing the other day and I couldn’t help but notice that my child is starting puberty. This year We went shopping for her first bra(by the way the bras they make for these girls look so fancy and are very padded they look nothing like when i got mine back in the day ) pretty soon we will be shopping for maxi pads. I am lucky that Ashley likes school so much, hopefully it will stay that way and she will go to college and get a good job. I got married very young and started having babies very young so I hope she sees what we had to go through and how hard it was and waits till she is older to settle down. Well Regardless i get carried away sometimes and sit and wonder these things even though she isn’t a teenager yet, but then again I look at her and wonder how and when did the time go by ?

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