sickness go away

why oh why do we keep on getting sick . Ariana is the one that is sick now. This is the first time that she has slept and slept so she must be feeling really bad. She was the only one who when she got sick you wouldn’t know the difference because she acted the same way. The other kids always sleep long when they are sick. Last week we made a quick runaround trip to Las vegas and my body still hasn’t adjusted. We didn’t play much we basically went to visit jason’s family. I feel so out of place right now. I have so many thoughts going through my head . I want to practice and get my license before my permit expires so I am going to try and put all my energy into that .

living but barely

I made a post but I think this domain ate it or something. anyways I havee been missing in action because….. you guessed it we have been sick. As soon a I get a kid better another one gets sick. I think we need to build better immunities or something. I am determined to learn how to drive so I have been asking the hubby to go with me and practice. But since all of us got sick practicing driving has been put to the back burner. I am determined to drive before the end of may I want my drivers license so I am going to put all my positive energy into getting it.

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