go figure

It figures that the times I wanted to actually sit down and write a post the website was down. Now that the website is up I forget what i so badly wanted to jott down.
Oh and what is it with these spam emails and spam comments I keep on getting ? Every signle day I get happy seeing I have comments only to see that it is some weird spam comment being left again. I took a cute picture of the girls the other day and I actually got them to hug which is rare for them Photobucket.
I also got a picture of the boys sleeping and tristan holding on to David. boys

disney portable player

Last night I bought the kids this disney dual portable player .
I hope it works and I dont end up like the reviews it has. I am one to judge for myself but you can’t help but wonder if you will run the same luck as others have. I have bought things that had bad reviews and a few good ones and have been on the lucky end of things. Other times I have gotten things that have the best reviews and end up with a lemon. We shall see I will be posting my review as soon as I get a chance to check it out .

need some energy..

I feel so tired. My body aches all over. I wish I could sleep all day. The girls are off for spring break and keeping up this house has been a motherf%%$##. I dont know how they can be so messy. The boys keep their room cleaner.They take out their toys and put them in the toy box when they are done. The girls on the other hand throw their clothes everywhere and I have no clue what the deal is with the little pieces of paper scattered everywhere. We have been wanting to take them to go see HORTON HEARS A WHO so hopefully we will do that this weekend. We also need to take one of the cars for an oil change. hopefully it wont cost much and hopefully it wont need any other repairs.

i would love to sit down and blog more often. But it is always so much easier for me to just read everyone’s blog than to sit down and actually write a post. then their is always the factor of what do I write. I have plenty of stuff that I want to write or that I have going on in my head ,but when I actually have time to sit down and write the thoughts magically disappear. I wish I could be more like jenn she always has something to write about and I love visiting helen and of course Reese. I am so full of ideas and thoughts but I feel like in high school shy and that I dont always fit in the blog world. One of these days I am going to gather up the courage and blog and blog and noone will be able to shut me up. I really need to come out of my shell more.

why hello there

I bet you have been wondering what happend to me . Did I fall off the face of the earth? well amoungst many thigns I have been taking driving lessons. I have to get alot of practice but at least some of my fear is going away. I also got a new( to us ) ford focus for me to drive. It was just to hard for me to drive the van. Maybe when I am an experienced driver I can drive it but for right now I will stick with a compact car.

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