graduation countdown

Hubby got his cap and gown yesterday night. He tried it on today and he looks so handsome but then again I am so biased cause that is my baby. I have to sit down and really plan out what I need to buy to have a little get together after the graduation ceremony. I also need decorations and a head count of who is actually going to the ceremony and who is going to the afterparty because I need to buy the graduation tickets. Oh and I need to get my hair done and maybe my nails done. I don’t know If I will have enough for that but I am sure going to try. I want the hubby to look good cause this is going to be his shining moment.

school broadband services

I have noticed that my daughter’s school has incorporarted the use of computers with their daily school schedules. I for one am glad because I think in this day and age everything is run by computers. when I went to school we were lucky if we went and used the computers in the computer lab once a month. I am wondering what Broadband WAN they are using at their school because I was looking at sites and came across . provides customer satisfaction and that is why they are in the top 10 percent of all business to business service providers. With all the private information that schools hold I want a excellent broadband wide are network service and has got my vote. I think in the next school meeting I am going to ask who they use as their provider and see if their provider can beat services

organized..not me

no matter how hard I try I can never be organized .I try to be very organized but eventually my brain goes bezerk. I see so many people that are so organized and are on top of things and that is just not me . I get very frazzled when the kids are running amok not listening to me and the house is a mess. I think I am going to start doing one section of the house at a time. I also have to do laundry. I awlays have to do laundry with six people in the house their are constantly loads in the wash. My hubby wants more kids but he is crazy he doesn’t see what goes on in this house til he gets home in the evening and by then the kids are settled down but my nerves are a wreck. you know I have not had time to just sit down and read a book in say about 4 years. I miss the quiet times. by the time the house is quiet I am dead tired and falling asleep.

I want …

My computer has been so slow and it is going beserk. I am tired of this computer I need a new one. I would love an apple Imac or something just as nice. I need one that will have alot of ram If you dont know what that that is it is random access memory which is a type of computer data storage. Since my kids and the hubby have been using my computer more they have been making my computer run slower. Basically I just want a new computer and they can have this one. I am looking for any excuse to get a new computer because this one is old. I told you I need alot of money so I can buy all the things I wish for and can’t get.

daily struggles

I wish we were well off that we wouldn’t have to worry how some of our bills are going to get paid. Or that we have to live off our credit cards sometimes. I get so frustrated with money. Some people either have to much and dont know what to do with it or other’s dont have enough which is us. I am feeling a little overwhelmed because the hubby’s graduation is coming up and we have to pay for the tickets to the graduation then I have to worry about what food we are going to be feeding them and on top of that we have our regular bills that need to be paid and i dont know how we are going to get all of this done without having any extra money to do it . I just need some money to fall from the sky and land in my balcony.
On a side not my friend Teresa is holding a new contest over at her personal blog. Those entering have a chance at winning a lovely and uniquely designed dandelion handbag by Rebecca Weis. Teresa is willing to ship this item anywhere, so anyone can participate. I hope I can win that would cheer me up I feel so down right now.

much better

Things are hopefully returning to normal. The boys have not puked today which is good. They are both still a little bit sluggish but I think that is their body taking it easy and healing from such trauma. My girls haven’t gotten sick which is a good thing. I think my nose being stuffed is due to allergies. I have to go and buy some decongestant and see if that stops the stuffy head feeling.

On another note since the boys were sick we spent time watching t.v anf watching the nature channel and Tristan got it in his head that he wants a horse. I told him honey we would need a barn and lots of acres for the horse to run and of course lots of horse supplies so right now we can’t get one. So of course now he wants to go visit his daddies cousin because they have a horse. Maybe one of these days we will go to Utah and he can see their horse. But for now he is gong to have to be happy riding his rocking horse.

Deja Vu

Ugghh After reading Jenn’s entries about the kids being sick and then her I wanted to send healing vibes to her, well I should have sent some to myself because my boys started getting sick all of a sudden saturday with the vomit and the little one with the vomit and the runs. I dont think I have had more than 4 hours sleep since friday night . I am racking my brain wondering what made them sick since both of them have ate different meals. I am so tired I can hardly function. I have had to do about 4 loads of laundry from the sheets and comforter that they soiled. Please please let it be a 24 hour bug and everything go back to normal soon . I Hope my girls dont get sick. I wouldn’t be able to take much more than this.

much better

I still have a sore throat but I am feeling way better. Today is my birthday and I think we are going out for dinner. I want to get a cheesecake too. I haven’t had cheesecake in a while.I really wish I could buy a coach purse or something . I just have to wait and see if there is any leftover money after paying rent and the bills. I also want to look into buying some babydolls so me and the hubby can have some sexytime. I think setting time for us to be romantic can really spruce up our marriage.We have gotten into such a routine that we should really try to have date night just me and him at least twice a month. I think he liked that idea too. I just have to wait till I aunt flo goes away and everything wil be just fine.

Mother’s day

Mother’s day is coming up pretty soon and even though I never outright ask for anything, I have been wanting for years now a mother’s ring. I really want this one in particularPhotobucket isn’t it beautiful? I love this ring in particular because it fits all four of my kids name and birthstones and it comes in white gold. Every year when mother’s day comes around I look around to see if I get the ring but so far I have not. I have gotten flowers and cards and necklaces and dinners but I really really badly want the mother’s ring. Maybe if my hubby checks out this post(hint hint) he will get this ring made for me and if he orders it now it would be ready by mother’s day . Mother’s day means the most to me because it is the day that I get pampered by my kids and hubby. On that day they make me feel like a queen. I dont have to cook and the tell me how happy they are that I am their mom and the hubby tells me how much he loves me and is so happy that I am the mother of his children.That is why I cant wait for mother’s day to roll around. I also hope to get the mother’s ring this mother’s day but I will have to wait and see. So what do you mommies want this mother’s day ?

germs germs

I am not feeling too good right now. I think I am going to go lay down a bit and then come back and check everyone out

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