outdoor activity

I want to find something interesting for us to do on the weekends. I am checking out local attractions as well as things we have never done. If I were to ask the hubby what he wants to do he would tell me to look up cruises. But I want something that all the kids can enjoy. I think the boys are too little to enjoy going on a cruise. I think that is more like something the hubby and I should do . I have gave Disneyland some thought but I kind of want to go later on to disneyland when we can plan it better. I dont know I am so indecisive. I need to find something fun to do becaue I really dont want to stay home this weekend and neither do the kids.

an update of sorts

the babies stitches were taken out and he was real good about it. they put this three little stitches in a little plastic tube and gave them to him a sa souviner. I thought that is strange but cute I guess there are people that would like to keep stuff like that’s a souviner.
The weather has been really nice out here and maybe this weekend we will go to disneyland or at least the beach. I need to check and see if the Portuguese fiesta is this weekend if it is we might go to that.

ETA: forget the portuguese fiesta It was held MAY 11 So I will have to wait till next year to take the kids. so much for that.


The baby’s stitches will be coming out tommorow. I hope it wont leave too big of a scar on his face. I of course worry about it more than he does. He is still the tough little boy he has always been. The boo-boo on his head hasn’t phased him one bit.
Summer is almost here and I am going to need to plan some activities for these kids. I am looking for Ideas and suggestions so feel free to let me know what activites do you think are good for a 2 ,4,6 and 10 year old . I am heading out the door right now but I will be back later.

My hunny

While I am looking for home satellite internet I have found great business satellite internet for the hubby when he starts his own business. He has so many goals set for himself that it makes me so proud. He isnt one to just talk about it and not do anyhting. Four years ago he said to me “I want to own my own business and I am going to do it”, so he enrolled himself in the University of Phoneix and went about getting his bachelor’s in business administration and he is now going for his masters. On top of that he also coaches the girls in soccer and he takes time to go on their fieldtrips and he is in the PTA . I dont know how he has the patience and finds the time to do all this but he does. He wants to make a better life for himself and for us and he just makes me so proud. I don’t write it often on here but I love this man with all my heart.

poor hubby-wubby

Yeah the hubby-wubby has not stopped talking about ATV and other recreational vehicles since he looked up the desert racing.I know he would really like one but it is out of our realm of possibility. I sat on the couch listening to him mumbling about some Polaris Ranger RZR Parts that must have either been on sale or he wished he had or I really don’t know what he was saying. In either case I dont want to burst his bubble ,so He can put it in his wish list but the chances of him getting one are slim to none. I know what it is like to want something and not be able to get it but hey that is life. Right about now I wished I had won the lottery and we could buy whatever our little hearts wanted.

Baby’s 3 stitches

Here is the picture of my baby’s stitches. every time I see it on his head it breaks my heart. He on the other hand could care less he is such a rough and tough boy. Tristan is so mellow david on the other hand is always climbing something jumping off stuff he doesn’t stop I dont know where he gets all that energy from. I get exhausted just watching him. david3stitch

me hubby wants..

what did I say while the hubby was looking up the desert racing that they do down here he says he just happend to accidently click on a button and it took him to a site where they sell ATV and he would like one. I know this man so well he wants things that are out of our reach, shoot just the ATV Exhausts these things use cost more than what we could afford. Maybe one day when I hit the lottery I will buy him one or he can buy one himself. Plus I would like to have a house and a garage where we can store it first. It would also be nice if we lived in a place where we could have acres of land and he could use it outside the house. Now I think my mind is getting carried away and going into what I want but hey we can always compromise I say.

desert racing

My hunny and I were talking and saying that if the weather would just stay nice we could go out to the desert and watch all the dunebuggy and ATV racing they do out there. Tristan is really into cars and would love it. The hubby got the idea after he saw what he says was a Yamaha Rhino 660 I told him “how do you know what vehicle brand that is” and he says “I am a guy I know these things” I can’t really say if he was right or wrong because I dont really know I dont use or ride them things . Anyways regardless what it was we want to go out there and see them race. I am just concerned that if we do go out there the hubby might want one too.

my internet sucks

Like I have been saying over and over I am so tired of my interent service provider, so I have been checking out what is available to me. I want satellite internet service that will provide me with live satellite webcasting if I so choosed and that it would be able to handle it and not freeze like this one does. I want a service that as soon as I type in the web address it is there and I dont have to wait a minute for the web page to pop up. My wants aren’t that bad I am a very simple person I just want good internet service that is all. I really am not asking for much.

this is bullcrap

The best time for me to use the internet and for it to run halfway decent is at night. The reason being that my internet provider sucks and my internet is slow as a mutha%^*@#. I have a hard time uploading pictures and if I want to download anything it takes ages and ages. I really think this stupid company should look into or invest in commercial satellite services because I am sure I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE COMPLAINING about their sucky service. I could understand if their service only malfuntioned once in a blue moon but when it is a daily occurance and they are not providing the fast and efficient service they say they provide it is horse manure. It’s not even like they are a little company either they are a well known company so I dont know why they are not trying to fix the problem.

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