the day went like this

Today was a rather boring day. We went to Walmart to get the usual household products and after that I went to get the kids some sandals to wear for the summer. I feel rather tired and without energy again. I really need some vitamins and to lose weight because I have been dragging my feet all day. I have to go and clean up the house but I am prolonging it as much as I can. Maybe of I put some music it will motivate me more.

Jason wants to Coach the kids in soccer again but I want him to concentrate in his school he is going for his masters degree starting the end of july and I rather have him have all his attention in his studies. We will see though he likes to multitask all the time

cellphone ordeal

The hubby got a replacement phone but the smartchip that came with it didn’t work so I called the insurance company and let them know that it didn’t work . They told me that they would be sending a replacement smartchip and just wait 2 days and it should be here. Well guess what they sent a replacement phone and no smartchip. I called them and told them that I just bougth a smartchip and had it activatied and they told me well then u dont need us to order the smartchip do you. WTF Uggh I thought that is what they were replacing in the first place. SO now I have to send back the phone that they sent me if not they are going to be charging me for that phone. Uggghhh I really need to change my phone service as soon as my contract is done.

He did it again

The hubby lost his phone again. We had to get it replaced again. I dont know where he keeps his head he is always losing things. The replacement came today and guess what? The smartchip didn’t work so now we have to go to a main store and get one . I hope they dont try to charge me for it because last time he lost his phone they wanted to charge me 28 bucks for a sim card that should have been free.
Today is hot again and the AC is acting up again. They came to check it out but said there isn’t anything wrong with it, that because it is so hot it is taking longer to work . I think that is a lie because when I moved here it used to work really good and now it isn’t .

not as hot as yesterday

Today wasn’t as hot as it was yesterday. The hubby and I ended up making up and going to my sister-in laws house and having dinner and talking.
Today we went to the outlet stores and Samantha got some Adidas stuff while I hung out at the Coach store and of course I got me a few things. I bought another Purse and a wallet and I got myself a coin holder. I also got a grasshopper cellphone charm. I keep saying that I am not going to buy more things but I can’t help but get them when they are having such good deals on them. i would totally live at the outlet stores. I like that outlet shopping center because the stores have nice patio furniture you can sit on right outside their doors so if you need to take a rest before going into more stores you can,Whoever thought of that Idea was a genious .

uugh he makes me mad sometimes

By the looks of things we aren’t going anywhere since some Soccer game came on t.v. and he can’t miss it. This man really gets on my nerves sometimes. We haven’t been getting along these past few days because my in-laws cause drama all the time. I thought since he suggested we go out everything was cool but I guess not. Even though he wanted to go look at Sports Authority to also see their nfl sports apparel section, Since he has season tickets and wants new stuff to. For right now we are not going nowhere and we are stuck in this hotbox. These are the times I wish I knew how to drive so I could take the kids out somewhere instead of depending on him.

too hot to be here

To get out of the hot house Jason suggested we go to the Grossmont shopping center. Normally I would jump at the chance but I know he has an alterior motive. He saw some ad saying they are having a Golf Equipment Sale.I think that he is just trying to get into golf and insists on getting anything golf related. Next time I want to buy more purses I will remind him how he is with his golf stuff.
Well since it is hot maybe we should walk around the shopping center even if it means going to a boring sports apparel store. Maybe just maybe I will just happen to get lost in Macy’s in the purse and perfume section hehe.

que caliente

It is so hot out here I think I am going to melt. Like I said my air conditioner is not working and who the hell knows when it is. I want to be somewhere cool right now. We were supposed to go to L.A but the baby started with Diarrhea and he vomited so there went that.

Maybe we can go swimming I think that is about the only Idea I can think of to keep cool. I can’t stand this hot weather it is always a recipe for disaster for me . I start getttign nosebleeds and then I get really irritated because I am so hot. The kids start going crazy because they have been indoors too long and so long and so forth. SO as you can see I hope they fix the air soon or we find something to do soon.

inlaw crazyness

Why can’t I be one of the lucky people who have sweet in law’s ? My in-laws are always causing problems in my marriage and if not they are always talking crap behind my back but then they want and expect me to do things for them. I am not a mean person but sometimes they push my limits and I try to be as nice as I can but it is really really hard. I took alot of there crap because I love my husband but I didn’t want to cause problems but people can only take so much. What really bother’s me is that they twist words and manipulate it to what they want to believe and they can cause drama where their is none. I hope I don’t have to deal with their crazyness for long and they just leave me alone

food for thought

How does one heal a broken heart ? what does one say to someone who is feeling loss, sorrow, anger , frustration. Many times I wish I could hug and offer my shoulder for them to cry on and I offer my undying understanding but that isn’t enough and I often stumble in my words or dont get my point across. It’s not that I lack emotion I am a very emotional person it’s that I sometimes dont know how to express them maybe?

a little bit of everything

I am so bored and hot . Even though the air conditioning has been running all day it is still hot in here. I really think my air conditioner is not working. I am feeling a bit stressed and since I cant go to the stores I am virtual shopping. I have my eyes on some Titanium Rings for jason. I want to buy him a replacement for the wedding band he broke a while back. I also want to buy some kitchen gadgets. I want one of those foodsealing things and I want a big George forman grill. I also want a smoothie maker.

I really should just stop watching info-mercials because I have wanted everything that they have been showing.
We might go to L.A. this weekend to visit family I am going to have to wait and see.

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