you can EBILLME anytime…

I had to buy my hunny a Bluetooth Headset so he can drive and talk at the same time.You know with the new California law about cellphone talking I wanted to get him one as soon as possible. So he wouldn’t get a ticket if he needed to use his cellphone.
I am often leary about good deals that come from websites I dont know much about.But (and there is a but) I found a fabulous website that has awesome deals called like I said I have always been kind of leary about online shopping because I hate putting my credit card info when paying but luckily I didn’t have too. You may be wondering how I paid for my item without entering my credit card info.Well here is how I did it Tigerdirect uses a wonderful system called EBILLME What you do is pick the Items you want to buy and then go to checkout and from there you choose ebillme. You then get a account number to enter and you go to your bank and enter the info like you normally do when using billpay by your bank and that is it. Yes it is that easy. I didn’t have to give my credit card info or debit info to the site and neither does my bank. I use billpay for all my bills so this was perfect for me and I bet you will love it too. Especially if you are like me and doesn’t like putting in credit card info or anything that is really complicating to fill out. If you are wondering which one I got my hubby it is this one and for only 19.99

wonderful finds

I had a fabulous day yesterday bargain shopping at a thrift store minus the meltdown that David threw. I found a few movies that I have been wanting to own. I got the old version of Romeo and Juliet. I also got Return to OZ and I got Monsoon Wedding. I have been looking for those movies so as you can see I was more than estatic to be able to get them and for a buck each.
It would have been a perfect day other than that little incident. I hate it when everyone stares at me like I beat my child or did something to him to make him scream at the top of his lungs. He was just tired and didn’t want to be in the store anymore so I left outside and had my sis-in-law hold my stuff time I calmed him down. He is my only kid who has these meltdowns and it’s hard for us to calm him down. The usual stuff like keys or toys wasn’t even doing the trick. Hopefully it is just a phase and he will outgrow it soon. Oh I really really hope he does.

stress related pimples ?

I have mentioned how I had never had acne problems growing up.But all of a sudden I had been having all kinds of breakouts. I had considered getting some acne treatments but my sis-in law said maybe your break outs are due to stress. I didn’t believe her though at the time I was having issues with my in laws. Well they have not been coming around because they have been pissed off with us and guess what my face has cleared up. I didn’t want to admit it at first but maybe them staying away is one of the best acne treatments I can get . It does seem that everytime they come around they make me stressed and I break out. Crazy it seems but my face hasn’t been breaking out since they stopped coming over.

thinking positive

I have been sitting here giving some thought on what I wrote on my previous post about making changes and I think I am going to start one of them by taking a look and maybe buying a treadmill. If I am not walking outside alot maybe I can walk indoors at least 30 minutes. I am alos going to try and save some money for more lessons or start asking family memebers if they mind practicing driving with me. I really want to make a change and I am ggoing to take baby steps towards them. If I think positive then positive things will happen. I am going to put it out there in the universe. Here’s to making little changes that will mean big for me.

self thoughts

I am so hard on myself sometimes. I get upset with myself because the things I want to accomplish I dont. I have been wanting to learn how to drive for some time now but I always put it on the back burner. I took the first step which was the written test and I have a drivers permit but noone will take the time to practice with me. Practice makes perfect and lots of practice is what I need but I dont do it.
Let me not get started on my whole issue with excersicing because I haven’t been doing that either. It’s like I am slowly giving up on myself and I dont want to do that. I always put my needs or wants away and take care of the family but I need to do some things out of nessesity. My health and learning how to drive are needs so I really need to find a way to learn and put my fears behind and do them. Now if only I can repeat this to myself everyday then maybe it will finally stick in there and I will actually listen to what I think everyday.

just chilling..

This weekend was spent pretty much just chilling with the family and watching movies. I want to go to the movie theatre as they got good movies out, so hopefully we will get to do that soon. The hubby and I haven’t had time to spend alon but hopefully we will make time soon. He is starting classes on Wednesday for his master’s program and we have soccer coming up so I better squeeze in some time before he gets too busy.

I want to get myself a nice camera that takes good pivtures but then again it is the picture taker that takes good pictures not the camera they say. I hope to save some money for myself to buy one.

states between us

I miss my friend Jayme so much. She recently moved away because her hunny got stationed in the East Coast. I am happy that she gets to be with her hubby again but she is so far away from me now. I still remember when they first met and how shy he was. I am surprised that he even got the courage to propose to her because he was just so painfully shy. I went with them on a coulple of dates and urged him to talk but he barely did. After them dating for a few years they finally got married. Oh their wedding reception was beautiful I just loved her dress and the Titanium Rings they chose for their wedding were to die for. I forgot too ask where she got them from and I should have because I did like them alot. I always dreamed of having a reception by the sea just like theirs . They did have the perfect wedding. Gosh I miss her so. I cant wait till she comes visit over here or I am able to go visit her.


word to the wise if you are feeling somewhat down dont watch a sad movie. I have been quite mopey and sad and then I sat down and watched Dying young and now I feel even worse. I totally forgot how sad that movie was. I dont like movies with sad endings and this is one of them. I remember watching another movie like that with Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeve I think it was called Sweet November here I thought is is a happy movie but nope it’s sad movie.
Why don’t they make happy go lucky movies ? Speaking of movies I love “the ultimate gift”. It ‘s such a good movie. I recommend it to everyone although it doesn’t have big name actor’s in it other than Abigail Breslin. It is a great movie it does have it’s tear jerker moments but over all it’s a great movie.
I also recommend watching Anne of Green Gables and the sequels to it . I think I’m going to watch it with my daughter’s in a little bit.

nothing new

the days have been hot over here. But I shouldn’t complain about the weather here considering that some people are dealing with hurricane’s. I have been feeling quite gloomy and I dont know why other than feeling a little bit sad about losing precious photos of my kiddies that I didn’t backup. I sure learned my lesson though. I am going to buy an external hard drive and make sure that I back up everything. I am going to look online and see if I find any at a good price or sale. I also need to buy some cdr’s. I really want to get an apple ibook or macbook but right now it is way way out of my budget.
A girl can dream can’t she and in my dreams I own an apple ibook and an Ipod but in real life I have neither. One day I will and I know what I want too. I am not so indecisive like I am picking out Jason’sTungsten Rings.

note to myself

I was thinking that even though I told myself that I was going to walk everyday I haven’t exactly kept my own word. I struggle everyday with my bad eating habits. I say that I am going to change but I dont. what is it going to take for me to once and for all stick to my guns? am I waiting to hear I am diabetic or something worse? I know that obesity runs in my family so why don’t I watch what I eat if not for me for my kids. I need to get in my thick skull that being overweight is not good for my health ,that my asthma gets worse with my weight gain.The extra weight doesn’t help my back pain it makes it worse. I aways say tommorow i will do it but I never do I need to start today.

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