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They didn’t end up coming over to eat and hang out. They still weren’t talking to each other so he didn’t want her to come over. I really really hope that they can talk to each other today and make things better. I don’t like seeing them like this. I am hoping and sending positive vibes their way. I really hope all their anger and frustration goes away and they can be happy again. I hope at least for their kids. I really hope they are not falling out of love for each other.

ETA: the reason why they are having issue’s is because he lost his job a year and a half ago and he really hasn’t bothered looking for a job. He blames her for his depression and unhappiness she tells him that he can’t be that way when she and the kids depend on him ,and he tells her that he doesn’t want to work to support her, but she tells him that he should be worried about the kids not her and so he calls her alot of mean names and what is worse is the kids are there since they are off for summer vacation.

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What happened with them anyway? 🙁 It’s so sad to hear. I hope they can work it out too.

Aaww.. that is very sad to hear. 🙁 Financial stress is one of the biggest reasons for divorce, I hear. I hope it doesn’t lead to that. That’s hard. 🙁 Would they ever consider counseling?

I dont think he would he can be quite stubborn. I really do hope they work things out I dont want to see them get divorced.

Yeah I hope so too. I’ll continue to keep them in my good thoughts. 🙂 *hug*

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