and so the day goes

I feel all stuffed up. Darn allergies I hope they are allergies and not a cold. I hate getting sick it makes me feel so miserable and moody. I really want to get out this weekend and do something fun. I hope if its allergies or a cold it goes away by friday.
The kids are getting antsy being home I wish I had more activites that they could do. If only I could drive I would be able to take them to the movies and to the park while the hubby is at work.
I really need to practice driving instead of just letting my permit sit and waste. Why am I such a scaredy cat when it comes to driving ?

p.s I am making progress in the boys closet all the boxes with the baby bedding are now labeled and ready to go to my aunt. and the stuffed animals are ready for donation. I just need to go through all the clothes that doesn’t fit them but that has to wait for another day. I dont feel to good right now.

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I just got allergies for the first time this summer, and now, for the first time, I can relate. I had some severe eye problems for mine.

Everyones scared at first when driving, just do it more often–it will get better!

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