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I am so hard on myself sometimes. I get upset with myself because the things I want to accomplish I dont. I have been wanting to learn how to drive for some time now but I always put it on the back burner. I took the first step which was the written test and I have a drivers permit but noone will take the time to practice with me. Practice makes perfect and lots of practice is what I need but I dont do it.
Let me not get started on my whole issue with excersicing because I haven’t been doing that either. It’s like I am slowly giving up on myself and I dont want to do that. I always put my needs or wants away and take care of the family but I need to do some things out of nessesity. My health and learning how to drive are needs so I really need to find a way to learn and put my fears behind and do them. Now if only I can repeat this to myself everyday then maybe it will finally stick in there and I will actually listen to what I think everyday.

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*gasp* You don’t drive? It’s weird, I started driving when I was sixteen, have had my own car since 2005 and shared cars with my husband since 2001, so *not* driving seems so foreign to me, lol.
I hope that you can get somebody to help you learn, because it’s nice to be independent and not rely on others for transportation.

And please don’t give up on yourself. 🙁 Coming up with a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine and sticking with it is really hard. Believe me, I know all too well!

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