what a beautiful wedding

The wedding was very beautiful. It was a miracle we even made it because we got super lost. I wish I had taken an umbrella or a hat because the sun was shining down on us hard. I think I got a little bit of a tan sitting down listening to the sermon. Regardless it was a beautiful wedding and it make sme want a wedding even more. I want to renew my vows and have a beautiful wedding dress and a really nice cake. I don’t ask for much do I . I am quite simple and would just be happy with the dress and the cake. That is all I want the rest is icing on the cake


who gets married on a thursday? Apparently my cousin does. I have no clue what the kids are wearing tomorrow and I dont know what I am wearing. The house is a mess after I just cleaned it and my nerves are frazzled. I so badly need a vacation.
I am feeling much much better though so that counts for something. Now I am going to go and see what the kids are going to wear and what I am going to wear.

weddings …..

One of my older cousins is getting married in two days and I have yet to find what I am going to wear to the wedding .I am so happy for him I thought he would never get married since he is in his thirtys but I guess some people wait a long time to find the person of their dreams.
I really hope my cousins from L.A come to the wedding. I haven’t seen them in a while. I think the last time I saw them was when Jason was looking for jobs in Los Angeles . I didn’t really want to move out there since it is a bigger and more crowded city. I think the job he has now is good but he doesn’t think so,but anyways I am really excited to go the wedding.
I want to have a big wedding maybe in a few years the hubby and I can renew our vows and have the wedding we didn’t have when we got married. Now all I have to do if find the perfect wedding gift.

getting sick is no fun

As much as I wanted to go to Soccer fest I missed it. I got sick really sick a day before it I had fever and chills and could not swallow anything. So onto the docter’s we went and they swabbed my throat and gave me antibiotics because they thought I had strep throat. I was told I would get a phone call if the culture came out positive and it did but the antibiotics should make the strep throat go away. I just wanted to be able to swallow again without it feeling like my throat was burning. I am starting to feel alot better and So is Ariana she has strep throat too. Both of us had gone in sick to the docter’s on friday.

Soccerfest is almost here

I am going to have a busy weekend with the kids soccer and I am definitely not feeling good. I think my lymph nodes might be swollen. My throat hurts everytime I swallow. Everyone makes fun f me because I am always getting colds during the summer. I am always getting sick period. I think I really do need some vitamins.

We got the Team Banner for Tristan’s soccer team I am glad it got done on time. I was a little dissapointed that it wasn’t an airbrush design but it still came out good so thatis all that matters. We just have to wait and hope that Ariana’s and Ashley’s banner get here before saturday morning because Soccerfest is this saturday and the team banners will be judged at that time. Oh that reminds me that I still need to get snacks ready for the team.

Well I am off to bed now. Hopefully I can get better in these next two days.

busy busy

I have been feeling achy and tired . It seems like I can’t get enough sleep. The hubby has been doing much better and returned to work today. We have soccer practice for ashley and have to go pickup Tristan’s soccer uniform. I dont know wether I should go with the kids to watch or stay at home and try to relax. I often wonder if I am running myself down and that is why I get sick so often.

Soccerfest is this Saturday so we are going to be super busy this weekend. I wish we could have gotten the walmart or target franchise to sponser our team. But it is hard finding someone to sponser the team.

The girls went back to school today. They were so excited to see who their teacher’s will be and who of their friends are in their classroom. I remember those days when I couldn’t sleep the night before and getting my new clothes ready for the next day. My goodness my children are growing up right before my eyes it seems like only yesterday they were babies.

I can’t wait to hear how their day went and the friends they made. Next year Tristan will be going to kinder and I am only going to have one baby left before he too drifts off to school. Where has the time gone ?

I would love to start some kind of home business so that way I can earn som extra money while waiting for David to get old enough to be ready for school. I have thought about doing jewelry or maybe making tote bags with designs. whar do you guys think about that ?

Needing a new T.v

The T.v in the bedroom is going kaput. I have been looking for a new one and noticed that most of them are either plasma or LCD t.v’s . I guess they dont make the big bulky ones anymore. I also noticed that thet are either programmed for high definition or it comes included I am not quite sure. All I know is that in most of the descriptions on the tv’s it requires some kind of HDMI cable so I better look into that. I want something that is going to last so I am going to start looking at reviews on different t.v’s because the one in my bedroom isn’t even 3 years old and it is already dying. Shoot my uncle has one of those old console t.v’s and it is still working and he has had that sucker since before I was even born!

feeling so much better

I have been feeling all out of sorts lately. I didn’t and still kind of dont know where it was coming from. I am wondering if it can be due to stress or if the birth control pills are making me have major mood swings. I had been feeling really sad for no apperent reason but I feel so much better now. I haven’t been taking my birth control for a few days and I am wondering if that has anything to do with it . Plus I have been having some weird spotting. I am going to make a docter’s appointment to check that out.

I am slowly weaing David off breastfeeding. I have been distracting him at bedtime when he wants to nurse abnd so far he has fallen asleep for 2 nights in a row without nursing. It doesn’t seem like a big accomplishment but it is for me .

update of sorts

Sorry I went MIA. The hubby has been sick and his cough got worse so back we went to the docter come to find out he had Bronchitis and they should have given him antibiotics in the first place. The kids are starting school on monday so we have to get them ready for school. I also need to research about getting speech therapy for Tristan and finding out more about getting him into kindergarten.

We also have been busy getting the kids to their soccer practice. Jason likes coaching soccer and having the kids play. It’s good for the kids to excersice their bodies and mind playing sports. Tristan started off like Ariana a little shy and not wanting to have to do anything will the ball but he is getting better. I hope this helps him adjust to the kids since he is very shy and doesn’t like to play with other kids.

Sometimes I can’t help but want another baby but then I quickly snap back to reality. I have been lucky to be able to concieve without any help but one of my cousins is having a difficult time concieving and is getting some kind of progesterone shots. I hope it helps her because they have been waiting to have a baby for a long time. Everytime she sees my kids I see a glow in her face. I really hope she gets blessed with a baby soon.

hardly slept

My hunny stayed off from work today. He hasn’t been feeling good an he has this nasty cough that kind of worries me. I hardly slept last night listening to him wheeze. The other day when we went to the docter’s they gave him some cough medicine but I don’t think it is working very good. I felt like waking him up and have him use the nebulizer. I got a feeling that if he doesn’t watch it that cough is going to turn into bronchitis. I started off with bronchitis and then ended up having asthma.

In other news gas prices are going down but not quite enough we are still paying about 80-90 dollars to fill up our van. My hunny the crazy man said see if I would have bought one of the used Harleys I saw for sale I could save alot of gas. But he forgot to think where we would sit or how we would get around. Yeah sometimes he isn’t the brightest of the bunch hehehe.

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