busy busy

I have been feeling achy and tired . It seems like I can’t get enough sleep. The hubby has been doing much better and returned to work today. We have soccer practice for ashley and have to go pickup Tristan’s soccer uniform. I dont know wether I should go with the kids to watch or stay at home and try to relax. I often wonder if I am running myself down and that is why I get sick so often.

Soccerfest is this Saturday so we are going to be super busy this weekend. I wish we could have gotten the walmart or target franchise to sponser our team. But it is hard finding someone to sponser the team.

The girls went back to school today. They were so excited to see who their teacher’s will be and who of their friends are in their classroom. I remember those days when I couldn’t sleep the night before and getting my new clothes ready for the next day. My goodness my children are growing up right before my eyes it seems like only yesterday they were babies.

I can’t wait to hear how their day went and the friends they made. Next year Tristan will be going to kinder and I am only going to have one baby left before he too drifts off to school. Where has the time gone ?

I would love to start some kind of home business so that way I can earn som extra money while waiting for David to get old enough to be ready for school. I have thought about doing jewelry or maybe making tote bags with designs. whar do you guys think about that ?

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