I need to learn how to drive

I have my Driver’s permit but haven’t practiced much. I just cant seem to find someone who will practice with me.
I have looked into getting behind the wheel training but the packets are way to expensive for me.
I just wished I had the courage to get into the car and not be so fearful. I cant let my fears control me but that is exactly what I am doing.
My hubby always jokes around and tells me “well you can always buy one of the used Harleys they have advertised on our daily paper, it’s like riding a bike but a little bigger” but what would he know I dont think he has ever rode one and wht makes him think I can ride a motorcycle when I cant drive!!
I know he is joking but it’s not funny. I really want to learn how to drive and I need to do it sooner than later. SO I am going to tell myself here LEARN HOW TO DRIVE DEBBIE maybe saying it a few times a day it will engrave itself into my thoughts and I will do it .

wonderful surprise

We are thinking about vacationing next week since the girls are getting out of school for two weeks.
I have been checking out hotels and I am amazed by the commodities they provide. Not only do they look out for their clients but they also look out for their clients pets. I have seen a few luxury hotels that provide pet beds for their clients. I think that is so awesome.
While we dont have pets right now the kids do want to have some and when we get a house I think we will be buying them one. So it is nice to know that if we travel we can bring our pet along with us.
to me once you buy a pet it because a family member too who should be included in all the activites the family has. I am glad alot of companies are seeing that a pet is part of the family too.

best Job in the world

I have often sat here and thought about what I wanted to do with my life. I enjoy being a mom and I dont think I really thought about a career, although I do want a hobby. But the whole thing about what do I want to be in life hasn’t really set in because I am satisfied just being a wife and a mother. Is that so bad?
Some people dont think their lives have purpose if they dont have a career or are someone important, but to me being a mother is important because I am raising someone and that is not a easy task. I am giving that little person the tools in life to become someone important.
I might not have a career but I do have an important job that no money in the world could ever be worth it and that is to raise my children in a loving enviornmment and a place where they feel safe to be who they want to be. I am on call 24/7 and with little benefits but the biggest rewards are the many I Love You’s that I get and the smiles and hugs that make it all worth it.
So I might not have a career but I got the best Job in the world

little changes but good for me

I have noticed how much my whole state of mind and being has changed since I try not to worry so much. I have organized our bills better and the things that are out of my hand I try not to worry about.
The one major thing about me not worrying is that I am not breaking out so much. It got really bad a few months ago so bad that that I was thinking of getting acne treatments . But my pimples have all but disappeared. I knew they were stress related. Because I started breaking out the most when I was having a hard time with bills and such.
SO I am going to take it easy for the most part and make charts of what needs to be done. IF it cant be done today the next day will be just fine. I am not going to stress my self out again.

thinking out loud

Since we had to do the soccer pictures today I didn’t have a chance to do a garage sale with my sister-in law and sale the baby clothes that baby David has outgrown.
I really need to do something with them because I am running out of closet space. The holidays are coming and they always get clothes from family members so some of it is going to have to go.
Maybe I can have an online sle or post some on ebay. Hmm just a thought but something I can consider if I can’t have garage sale

tired, tired

Oh man what a week this has been. Ashley got hurt yesterday during her soccer game. She is doing better today.They have their soccer pictures to take today and then we have to take my father in law back home. Days like these exhaust me to no end. days like these make me want a nice vacation where I can relax but I never really relax. I would love nothing more than a nice cup of cold Iced tea and a book to read.

where to go on vaycay

I have been in such a great mood lately. I have been walking and reading occasionally when all the kids are sleeping and I am not sleepy myself. I am in a great state of being right now.
I have been thinking about take a little vacation somewhere when the kids get out for 2 weeks next month. They would love to go to disneyland again and I suppose we could but I would really love to go to Catalina Island. I have seen pictures from there and it is a beauty. All I would need is some sunblock lotion a nice swimsuit and some Rimowa luggage and I am good to go. More than likely we will go to some child friendly place but a girl can dream right.

happy go lucky

I have been feeling really good lately. I think talking to my hubby helped alot. plus me letting go of my worries and meditating and chanting has helped me out alot. I am finally letting go of emotions that have long been kept inside and I feel so much better. It is amazing how much me having a different attitude changes the way I think ,the way the household runs and the way the kids act.
I am teaching me children to have freedom of expression, to have a voice. A voice I for so long supressed. I am teaching them to learn from my mistakes. This is what parenting is all about.

If only I was a great cook

I suck when it comes to cooking. Crazy considering that some of my family members are excellent cooks and I have an uncle who is a chef. I must admit that I need appetizer recipes just to make appetizers.
The only thing I can make really good is chicken wings, fried chicken yeah stuff with chicken in it but I am going to try my darnest to become a better cook. Even if it means cheating and using a cookbook. As long as the food is edible and nice looking we are eating it. I want to set an example for my girls and boys too if they want to learn how to cook. My mom didn’t really take the time to teach me but I am going to find the time to teach my children and learn myself along the way .

Wedding favors,bridal dress, flowers oh yes

I cant tell you how much I love weddings. I went to my cousins a few weeks ago and today we got a Save the Date card from my hubby’s co worker who is also our friend. I can’t tell you how excited I am for them.

I have always wanted to have a somewhat fancy wedding. I have looked at magazines for the perfect wedding dress and what wedding favors I would give. What special gifts I would give to my bridesmaids all of it . I have it all planned out just the lack of money to execute it . So someday maybe for out ten year anniversary I will be able to renew our vows and have the wedding of my dreams. I hope my kids will want to participate in it too. Oh and the cake I want a huge cake too.
Okay enough of me daydreaming let me get back to reality and think about what outfit I am going to buy to go to the wedding.

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