I need to learn how to drive

I have my Driver’s permit but haven’t practiced much. I just cant seem to find someone who will practice with me.
I have looked into getting behind the wheel training but the packets are way to expensive for me.
I just wished I had the courage to get into the car and not be so fearful. I cant let my fears control me but that is exactly what I am doing.
My hubby always jokes around and tells me “well you can always buy one of the used Harleys they have advertised on our daily paper, it’s like riding a bike but a little bigger” but what would he know I dont think he has ever rode one and wht makes him think I can ride a motorcycle when I cant drive!!
I know he is joking but it’s not funny. I really want to learn how to drive and I need to do it sooner than later. SO I am going to tell myself here LEARN HOW TO DRIVE DEBBIE maybe saying it a few times a day it will engrave itself into my thoughts and I will do it .

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Awww… Debbie, I remember being in your shoes once? I was extremely fearful driving on the road for the first time? And the FREEWAY? OMG, you don’t even know! So you know what my aunt did one day? She demanded I take the wheel, told me to drive. I said, “Where?” She said, “Don’t ask. Just drive.” So I did, and she let me to the FREEWAY. OMG…! I swore I would die. I was swerving all over the place! hahaha But once I got the feel of that, I realized it wasn’t so bad.

Maybe you need to pick a road that doesn’t have a lot of traffic and practice there…

Good luck, hun!

I failed my drivers test twice, the only reason I passed the third time was because the woman pitied me and took my on a route that avoided intersections (where I had the most trouble). But once all my self-doubt melted away and I allowed myself to just pay attention to what I was doing instead of what I may have been doing wrong it was cake.

Don’t worry, you’ll get it, and once you do you’ll have a hard time remembering what the fuss was about.

I really do hope I can pass the driver’s test. I become a nervous wreck when I even think about driving.

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