The sun is shining and the birds are chirping

I woke up in a chipper mood. Even though I have a few errands to do I am in the greatest of moods.
I had been stressing put for a while but I have surrendered my worries to the higher power and I know I will be taken care of .

We have Ariana’s Birthday coming up pretty soon and haven’t really planned anything due to lack of funds so hopefully that will remedy itself soon. I dont think It is just us feeling the budget crunch I think alot of people are being affected by it too. I just hope we are able to remedy it soon. I like ot feel secure and when I dont my whole world falls apart.

The hubs and I are doing much better after the long talk we had. Hopefully it stays that way. Communication and trust are the keys to a happy marriage I think.

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How did I not know about this blog? Damn.. I’m clueless sometimes. I’m going to add you to my blog list. <3

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