I love the cupcakes on it

Oh I would love to win this cute little towel set that my friend is having a contest for. you guys so go and enter too.
just click here . I really hope to win but I am usually not that lucky.

I am so freaking tired

I am more than exhausted if there is even such a word. I cannot believe that they have the kids playing soccer games in the middle of this heat. I got so tired and hot just watching the game. I want nothing more than to go take a nap.

Something about the sun makes me so tired. Everytime we go to the beach the same thing happens. I do know what it is and I might sound crazy saying it but the sun exhausts me . I had to come home and take a cold shower just to relax.

We are supposed to go to another halloween/ birthday party but I dont know if I will feel up to it. We will see how I feel later and then go.

Thank you for pointing it out

I am such a ball of stress. The more I stress the more I breakout. I know that I have been breaking out more than usual. I do not need to be reminded especially from my mother in law who makes it a point to say out loud if front of a lot of family and friends “that I need to look into getting some kind of acne treatment or take some kind of acne pills”. She pissed me off so much that I told her even if I take the top acne pills there are It wont take away from the stress that I go through all the time. Which in turn make me break out.

Shoot if she knew that she is the one who causes me most of my stress . They make me so nervous cause she likes to baby my husband and he is not a baby. She needs to let him be a man. She also likes to critize everything I do and how she does it differently. NO duh could it be that we are two different people . I am just going to calm myself down cause my blood boils just thinking about it.

Aunt flo where are you

I have been wondering where the heck my period can be. Ever since I had David I haven’t had a regular period. I am hoping it regulates itself soon. I hate not knowing when it is going to get here. I have been having cramps today but I have no Idea if it is cause I am getting it soon or it fit is my stomach that is just upset.

I have been craving cake but then again I crave sweets all the time. Like I said before I have no self control and I need to get some. With the holidays coming up soon I am in trouble. I love all the holiday food especially the Eggnog.

wish I could be there

I love wedding and my friend is getting married this friday but sadly there wasn’t anyway I could attend even if I somehow fly to her state. So I asked her to save me one of the wedding favors and mail it too me. I love to save the wedding favors. I think they are so cute the way they are engraved with their names and the date of their wedding. It is a beautiful reminder of a persons special day.

I really wish I could go but money is an issue right so I guess I will have to be satisfied with the pictures they take and send me.

Less than a man in my opinion

I have been feeling quite upset at hte fact that the girl’s dad is such a deadbeat and to make matters worse he wont give up his paternal right. He has never been their for his kids and he sure as heck dont support them. This man quits his job everytime the state finds out he has one. What kind of man does that ?

My girls dont even want to carry his last name which is even more sadder than him not paying child support. Shoot if he doesn’t want to take care of them that is fine because my hubby is a better father than he ever was. But what upsets me the most is that he has told me that he doesnt give a f%^$ about the girls but he wont give up his rights.

I think I am going to go and try to ge the court to request a child support order that he has to obey or go to jail or something this is getting ridiculous.

I’m so exhausted

I feel so tried I never have energy and I have alot of stuff that needs to be done. for one I need to do laundry and I also need to look into the ac problem we have going on with the car. It always seem their is something that needs to be fixed with the car. I guess that is what you run into when you buy used.

I just want to sleep, take my medication and sleep but I can’t. I am surprised I have had any kind of energy considering I have been running around like crazy. I dont even want to go to soccer practice today. I am going t see If the hubby wants to take the kids so I can chill at least for an hour or two.

When is enough going to be enough

I haven’t been watching what I eat again and it is showing because my pants are fitting tight again.
I have thought of using alli but I want to be fully committed to dieting and excersicing before I do.

I am going to be in even more trouble because the holidays are coming up and I love to eat all the holiday food. I can’t wait for the stuffing and the turkey. So yeah this whole dieting thing is not going so well.

Why can’t I have self control when it comes to my eating ? Why do I let the food dictate my life ?

Uggghh he makes me so mad sometimes

I am quite upset with the hubby at this moment. I am never one to give the silent treatment but right now I have no interest to speak with him. We might not always agree on things but at least I make an effort in compromising.
I know noone likes to be told what to do and I dont mean to nag but when you say you are going to take care of something and you don’t then your word doesn’t mean anything anymore.

Big hopes and dreams

Do you think it is a bit dilusional of me to plan out what my dream house would have or how I would decorate it ? My friends sometimes tell me that I live in the stars but what is wrong with wanting things. i always believe that if you want something bad enough you will get it. I think that If I believe in it and try to save money or plan I can someday own my dream house.

I want a white picket fence and I want a huge back yard where I can have a hammock and have a nice patio to read a book at. I would like nice trees that provide nice shade. I want to have a nice deck too.
I would love to have a huge tub when I can just lay down and relax. I would like to have Hansgrohe victorian faucets and I want hardwoord floors and a big fireplace. In my bedroom I want a big walk-in closet and another big tub in my bathroom . So far those are the basic requirements I would like and if no place like that exists I sure would like it built for me.

Even if it might seem childish to dream big I do all the time and I am going to work hard in making them come true. What would your dream house look like ?

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