a lightbulb goes off in my head

OOh I just got a solution pop into my head. If I go looking thru baby furniture I might be able to find a woonden chest where the boys can put their toys in. I am tired of the big bulky plastic ones. If I had a nice big toybox for them I bet they wouldn’t scatter them or leave them scattered all over their room .

Yes I think I am going to look into getting them one . The girls have a plastic one but I really don’t like it . I think if all else fails the boys can use that one but hopefully I will find what I am looking for.
I really need more space. I also need to stop being such a packrat.

My ideas and thoughts are all over the place this morning. I need to concentrate on one thing and one thing only this morning. If not I am going to overwhelm myself and not get anything done.

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Both my husband and I have wooden toy chests from when we were little kids. Mine is in my brother’s closet at my mother’s house, and my husband’s is in Ryan’s closet. Go figure, lol. Instead of the toy chests or big buckets, we use these:

Oops. Looks like I can’t include photos. Sorry about that, here’s the link:


Oh those are such a good Idea. I need some for the girls and boys cause I am so tired of their toys all over the place.

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