where has the months gone

I cannot believe that thanksgiving will be here in three days. This thanksgiving I dont think I will be making anything. I wonder if we are going to be going with family or just chilling at home. I have been sitting at home shopping online and getting the much needed rest.

I am supposed to buy the hubby a Christmas present he can take to his job for a gift exchange but I have no Idea what to get. I have been thinking of buying a digital frame for him to give since I am sure everyone has pictures and that is something I would like to recieve but I am not sure if the hubby would like to give it as a gift. I have been asking him to give me Ideas as to what he would like to give but he is no help.

Geez I know I said it before but time is flying by. I can’t believe how quickly the months have gone by.


I try not to be so hard on myself sometimes but I cant help it. I have been really upset that I haven’t been able to go and go shopping and spending time with my sister in law. I haven’t been christmas shopping like I wanted to. I have mostly depended on online shopping I guess that is better than anything.
I have to take it really easy as I started bleeding a bit and I have been told to take it super easy. So going shopping on black friday is pretty much a bust. I dont even know what we are going to do for thanksgiving. Maybe my sis in law will cook I am not sure though. I guess we will just have to wait and see

so I am going to be taking it easy again as if i hadn’t already.

We have to go someday

If I wasn’t so afraid of flying I would love to take my kids on one of those Disney vacations . I dont know but there is something magical about being in Walt Disney World. We have disneyland close to us but I think Walt Disney World is better.

I feel like such a kid there and the look on my kids eyes when we get there is a reward in itself. Hopefully I can somehow overcome my fear because I do want to take my kids there someday. I am going to add Walt Disney World to my list of things to do before my kids get too grown. Do you guys have a place you would love to take your kids to ?

time flies by

Gosh it seems like I have been gone forever. I seriously have been so sick that I haven’t wanted to write though I have been keeping up with my friends blogs. I am sorry if I have neglected any of you. With me being sick I don’t know if I am going to be able to go shopping on black friday and that makes me a bit sad.

I love shopping but haven’t been able too. Most of my shopping has been done online. I still need more gifts for the kids. Geez I cannot believe how quick the time is flying by. I dont know if I am going to have all my christmas shopping done. I really hope that most of the items can get here on time.
Luckily all the things my kids want aren’t so hard to get. I have no clue what I am going to get the hubby though

I have found my christmas gift

With the holidays fast approaching I have been looking through the Thanksgiving sale ads trying to find a laptop for me. I have seen a few that I might be interested in but I am seriously considering getting this laptop It has the best specs and offers me what I am looking for at a price I can afford. It is a laptop that is worth 1200 but I can get it for 600.99 with free shipping. I have looked around but I have not found an offer that can beat that.

I know alot of places are offering laptops for really cheap but they are the basic models with not enoug memory or not as big harddrive as I am looking for. I also would like a webcam on it and most of the laptops I have seen on sale dont include a webcam in it. I also like that the laptop has a little remote control that is stored on the laptop.

I think the laptop I mentioned for 600.99 is the one I am going to get. The best part about it is that It is an HP and I heard that HP laptops are really good. One of my online friends just got an Hp laptop and she seems to be enjoying her’s so I am really looking into getting an HP.

Doc appt today.

I have a doctor’s appointment today. Hopefully they can do something about my aches and pains and the vomiting. The vomiting and nausea is what I am mostly worried about. I am one of those people that hate puking. I rather be sick and achy but no puking.

I hope they do bloodwork and check to see if I have diabetes or not. I really need to get my life in control and worry about my health. I am not getting any younger and I dont think I have lost any weight so I really need to work on that.

When I get back I will let you know what is going on or what I have a hunch it is !!!

I’m still here

I have been so absent from here that you might have thought I hired movers New York and moved to New york without letting you guys know,But that is not the case. I have been puking my guts over here. I have a docter’s appt on monday and after that I will let you guys know what is going on.

Until then It is a mystery. So my buddies my pals , my friends what have I missed ? Leave me a comment and let me know what has been going on.

ay caramba

I have been so busy on the phone with the child support people. I do not understand why it is so hard for some men to be responsible. I cant seem to understand why they choose to not take care of what they are supposed too.

I also do not understand why It is so hard for some places to just pick up the phone instead letting a automated system go in circles and never giving the person the right option they are looking for. I have spent a good two hours going in circles clicking numbers that never take me to a live person.

I think I am having an awful day already and the day hasn’t fully begun. Please let the rest of the day get better.

I need to start my christmas shopping but I really haven’t felt like shopping much. Hopefully I will get in a better mood soon and get my butt in gear and look for the best deals

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