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I have been so busy on the phone with the child support people. I do not understand why it is so hard for some men to be responsible. I cant seem to understand why they choose to not take care of what they are supposed too.

I also do not understand why It is so hard for some places to just pick up the phone instead letting a automated system go in circles and never giving the person the right option they are looking for. I have spent a good two hours going in circles clicking numbers that never take me to a live person.

I think I am having an awful day already and the day hasn’t fully begun. Please let the rest of the day get better.

I need to start my christmas shopping but I really haven’t felt like shopping much. Hopefully I will get in a better mood soon and get my butt in gear and look for the best deals

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Ah, child support. Funny how these men think they can help make a child but then walk away and not support it. That method of thinking makes me ill. 🙁

I’m sorry that today is so bad for you. I hope that it improves. *hug*

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