something to think about

Are some things to good to be true ? I have heard nothing but good things about the acai berry and I now just noticed that it is being used in a pill to help you lose weight. I just saw that Lipovox is one of the diet pills that has the acai berry as one of its ingredients. I have heard that the acai berry has alot of antioxidents that help our body get better and more healthier and most important help you lose weight.

I want to try something that will help me lose weight and keep it off not some diet pill that says it will help and doesn’t . I am going to do more research on the benifits of the acai berry and I am going to keep an eye on the lipovox because it is the only one I have seen so for that uses it as one of it’s ingredients which I believe will work better than other diet pills with no natural ingredients.

not one single pair of jeans

Before We went to get Ashley’s party supplies I seriously spent about half an hour trying to find some pants that would fit me. I cannot believe that I have put on any weight considering how mcuh I have been puking. Although the puking has slowed down quite a bit. I now puke about 4 or 5 times before that I was upchucking at least ten times if not more.

I have no Idea how much weight I am going to gain carrying these twins and I have shamelessy given some thought about taking some Fenphedra pills. although I have plenty of time to think about it because I still have about six months to go through first.

gotta get a move on

Christmas is coming so soon in a way 5 dont want it to get here that fast. My sis in law is going to a concert in las vegas and will be leaving me after christmas to go and stay at one of the many las vegas suites out there. I wish I wasn’t sick and pucky all the time I could have went with her. I always miss the fun exciting things.

My hubby is taking my oldest daughter to pick up her glasses today. She is going to have to wear them all the time. Unfortunately she inhereited my bad vision and now has to wear glasses.

We have to order her cake today so I guess I better get a move on things and make a list of the things hubby has to get for her bday.

I hate being sick !!!

From what gathered from different people that live close to me the drama that went down had to so with some kind of domestic dispute and the husband or boyfriend taking a the wife hostage and they had to block off the area to have the cops or swat get them out. Eek it is scary to think that something like that can go on so close.

I woke up today with a horrible sore throat so on top of the puking I have going on I know have a sore throat that hurts like heck and I can’t take anything for the pain. Geez I am falling apart over here. I think my lymph nodes might be a little swollen too. I hate being sick when is the brighter and better sides of things going to come my way?

I am going to go and take advantage of the quietness in the house and take a nap. I hope tommorow will be better and this sore thrat will go away by then.

The suspense is killing me

Some sh^% just went down up the street from where I live cause there is all kinds of cops and some kind of barricades are being put up. Right now I wished I owned a pair of Nikon binoculars to see what is going on in the safety of my own home. I am a nosy buzzer but I dont want to be to close to where all the action is going on. I am wondering if this is going to get on the news or not?

I feel like I am living in the ghetto with this kind of stuff going down. The neighborhood has been pretty good and nothing ever happens here so I really want to know.

Trails along the way

Even though I am still puking I have been going out a little bit to do some christmas shopping. I have relied on some of the stores having the little shopping cart as i am not supposed to be walking alot since I keep spotting when I am on my feet to long.

I felt so bad a couple of times because I had to puke in the parking lot of some stores. A few times I told my hubby hurry up and lets go cause I feel like I am leaving a trail everywhere I go and he thought I was telling him the funniest thing ever but I felt really bad leaving puke everywhere.

Hopefully I won’t be needing to go out too many times and this whole vomiting spell goes away soon .


Have I mentioned how cold it has been. I am so used to the warm weather that these last two days have thrown me for a loop. I have had to sit here with sweat pants sweat shirt and even a beanie on my head. I also bought the kids some beanies because they usually tend to get sick and their asthma tends to act up when the weather gets cold.

I hope that this is about as cold as it is gonna get. It is great weather for some hot cocoa though. I think we are gonna snuggle in the living room and watch some movies. Oh that reminds me I need to send the hubby to get some marshmellows to add to the hot chocolate

Why do I even pay attention ?

Does anyone watch the show trading spouses? I caught an episode where they switched an east coast wife with a west coast one and boy what a difference it made. The east coast mom was way heavier than the west coast lady but the west coast lady had alot of money and could afford going to the gym and eating healthy food and probably used some kind of fat burner procedure to keep thin . While the east coast mom didn’t have all the money or resources the other had. I am not trying to make excuses but I think it makes a difference If you have alot of resources to help you lose weight than if you dont.
Maybe because I am over weight it is a touchy subject for me.
I dont know why I get to caught up on some of these shows but I do.

Not one but two babies!!!

I dont know if I have announced it here or not but We are expecting not one but two babies. My due date is July 3 but more than likely I was told I can deliver 4-6 weeks early. This has totally taken me by surprise and I am barely getting used to the Idea.

Since I am expecting twins doctor’s appointments are going to be more often like every two weeks to make sure everything is all right. I have had all day sickness and I hope it goes away soon. All I can say is that I am beyond shocked. I am still numb to the Idea that our family is expanding.

almot done with the xmas shopping

I went out yesterday and the day before to try and get some of the christmas shopping done. I tried to scope out some of the deals advertised on the newspaper and just checking out some of the items from my kids christams list. I think I am going to get the hubby some golf clubs beccause he likes to golf and I think it would be a good hobby for him to get back into . I think that gift and his usual cologne will be good.

I have no Idea what I am going to do for ashley’s birthday. She wants a slumber party so I think I am going to have her invite a few friends over and they can have pizza and play games and do the usual girlie thing. I hope she is happy with that .

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