gotta get a move on

Christmas is coming so soon in a way 5 dont want it to get here that fast. My sis in law is going to a concert in las vegas and will be leaving me after christmas to go and stay at one of the many las vegas suites out there. I wish I wasn’t sick and pucky all the time I could have went with her. I always miss the fun exciting things.

My hubby is taking my oldest daughter to pick up her glasses today. She is going to have to wear them all the time. Unfortunately she inhereited my bad vision and now has to wear glasses.

We have to order her cake today so I guess I better get a move on things and make a list of the things hubby has to get for her bday.

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I hope that you can get the vomiting controlled soon. It’s ridiculous to be getting sick so often. 🙁

Oh, and I also have crappy vision. I’m blind as a bat without my contacts!

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