Why do I even pay attention ?

Does anyone watch the show trading spouses? I caught an episode where they switched an east coast wife with a west coast one and boy what a difference it made. The east coast mom was way heavier than the west coast lady but the west coast lady had alot of money and could afford going to the gym and eating healthy food and probably used some kind of fat burner procedure to keep thin . While the east coast mom didn’t have all the money or resources the other had. I am not trying to make excuses but I think it makes a difference If you have alot of resources to help you lose weight than if you dont.
Maybe because I am over weight it is a touchy subject for me.
I dont know why I get to caught up on some of these shows but I do.

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Yea i know what you mean, i like to watch all of them shows and even the ones in the real life stories on mtv. i like them alot.

It’s crazy how people can have all the help they can to lose wight but yet some of them don’t use it. i sure wish i had the help lol.

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