My family… gotta love them

In about two weeks or three weeks I am going to have my big official ultrasound and finally find out for sure what we are having . Then I can stat buying things for the babies and register at target and use the barcode scanner to pick out items I might want for the babies and add them to the baby registry. Geez I still cannot believe we will be having two babies.

It’s funny how my family is asking me if I have already set up my registry when I am barely four months I always waited till I was at least 6 months with my other kids. I guess they figure since there are two in there I should start sooner ? I dont know what their logic is behind it but whatever. If they want to help me out by buying things great and if they dont then its ok too. Knowing my family they will probably pick what they want and not use the baby registry at all.

Be careful what you wish for

The say be careful what you wish for cause you might get it . I have wanted to have a house but I never once thought that we could own one especially soon in our live but my hubby seems to think that right now is the best time to buy a house. It seems that we can get a 5 bedroom house and the mortgage would be about that same as the rent we are now paying. The only problem is that we would have to move an hour away from San Diego.

I am a little bit scared of moving but I do know that with the twins coming we do need a bigger place. I am one of those people that dont like change and If we are going to make a big change like that it better be for the better and it better be permanent.

I want to win

I would love to win this

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Oh I hope I get lucky and win

weightloss instead of weight gain

I went to the docters on friday and I have lost another pound instead of gaining some. I try to eat as often as I can but it doesn’t help that I puke my food. I kinda knew that I had lost some weight because since this pregancy started I have noticed that my rings fit looser on my fingers. I sometimes worry that they might slip off and I might not notice so I haven’t been wearing them much. i haen’t even been wearing my wedding band but at least the lightness on wear the band is supposed to be lets others know that a ring was there.

The babies seem to be the size they are suppose to so at least the weight loss isn’t bothering them. My belly seems bigger and bigger everyday. I really need to get on the ball and take pictures but I am such a procrastinater.

just one good nights sleep

I have not been able to have a good night’s sleep in who knows how long. Everytime I fall asleep I either cramp up on one side or my side goes numb or I have to cough or something. Something always interupts my sleep. For instance this morning I was finally sleeping peacefully and the phone rings at 7 in the morning with the cable guy tring to fix the cable. He wasn’t due to come fix it that early in the morning but I guess someone cancelled and he was in the neighborhood. After that I could not go back to sleep.

I am worried that if I dont get sleep now I wont be able to get sleep later when the babies get here. I love peaceful sleep and I need some really bad. I hope really really hope I can get some good sleep tonight.

A house that is all ours

I have been wanting to own a home in lord knows how long. So of course I love the show Extreme Makeover :Home edition. I love seeing how they help people that need it and how they remake houses into beautiful masterpieces. I love seeing what the designers come up with and listening to them explain how they are building such Items. I am no contracter or builder so I am not familiar with terms such a linear motion roller slide table but their tools are sure nice to watch and see what they make. Also on that same show I have seen what not taking safety precautions can do one of the crew members got seriously hurt and had to have emergency surgery after cutting himself badly.

I am quite simple I just want to own a beautiful home with a beautiful back yard. I wouldnt mind even owing a fixer upper that we can slowly renovate. I just want something that is all mine so i can color the bedrooms any color I want and not have to worry about wether we are making to much noise or the always aweful no pets allowed rule. My kids want a doggy or a cat and when we have a house we are going to get them one.

One day I am going to get it

I want to get a nice camera that doesn’t have such a delay in taking pictures. I have wanted a Digital SLR camera for the longest time but I had no Idea that most slr camera’s dont have liveview. I guess I got so used to the point and shoot camera’s having it that I was shocked to find out that most slr’s dont have that feature.

I am probably going to have to wait till income tax time and see if I can get one. So I guess for now I have to settle for my crappy point and shoot camera and order a few more compact flash cards cause I seem to have misplaced the ones I had. I hate it that my stuff keeps dissappearing from where I put them.
Either my kids are getting into my stuff or we have a ghost that likes to take things. I think the first one is more likely the case here.

Remembering …

It always shocks me when I hear of people’s death. I don’t know if it because I fear death or because I am afraid to lose loved ones. I just don’t like to hear about it. I dont like to think about it and when I hear of someone dying and they are really young it brings me nothing but sadness. Today while getting my daily dose of gossip I read that John Travolta’s 16 year old son had died. I first I thought it was some sick rumor but it wasn’t. I can’t imagine what they must be going through right now.

When I lost my mother I dont think I really had time to mourn her as I had just had a baby that needed all my attention at the time but every now and then I think in my own way I try to remember her and all the cool things we did together. I sometimes dream of her and feel sad that she isn’t around but I hope she looks in on me from time to time

New year’s resolution

Even though we didn’t go anywhere for new year’s eve I got a wonderful surprise on new years day. My cousins came on the amtrak to San Diego to visit me and the kids. They will be staying with me till the weekend when their parents pick them up.

One of my cousins just got her driver’s license last week and is going to be getting a car pretty soon. I told her she should get a auto insurance quote before she chooses her car because insurance prices can go up if it is a sports car she chooses. I think a nice used car would be good for her but she like every young person wants a brand new fancy car.

I cannot believe that my 18 year old cousin got her license before me. I hope I am not the last person on earth not knowing how to drive. I so wanted to learn this year but with all the complications of this pregnancy I haven’t gone out much, So going to get driving lessons right now is out of the question.

I think that should be my new year’s resolution TO Learn how to drive and get my license for once.

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