I should really start now.

We went to target to get a few household items and I think I am going to start stocking up on baby items I just turned 5 months and I have no idea what I am waiting on. My family wants me to start a registry but the target by our place is ghetto and for some reason the barcode scanners that they have dont work good or they dont have them properly charged or something. Everytime I have tried to use them they break down and they dont have any other to let me use so I gove up on them.

I would like to cloth diaper the babies but I think it cost alot to just start so I am having an inner battle with myself regarding cloth diapering or using disposibles. I guess I will worry about the diapers later and just start with the baby clothes .

the last remnants of my sickness

One would think that I would have been donw with this cold or flu or whatever bug hit me but sadly that is not the case. I have this crazy phlegm leftover that makes me wheezy all the time and even using my asthma medication doesn’t help. I have to constantly cough and if I cough a little to hard I have to cross my legs so I wont WARNING TMI: pee myself . I went to the docters this week and she told me the congestion is in my throught not my lungs which makes no sense to me whatsoever but whatever.

I also need to be checking my sugars with the little diabetes monitor but quite frankly when I was puking and feverish I did not feel like poking my finger. I am feeling better now other than the whole phlegm thing . I hope that goes away soon cause I cant stand coughing so much and plus it makes my stomach hurt more than the usual ligament pains I get from the babies.
Oh totally off topic here but while I was at the docters office waiting to be seen there was a lady there who had three broken ribs and I m not sure if it was the baby who fractured her ribs or what but I felt really bad for her cause she was in alot of pain and all she could take was Tylenol. She was due in 5 days so hopefully as soon as she hs her baby she can get some nice pain medication.

nobody escaped this flu bug

I spoke to soon when I said I hoped i didn’t get sick. I have been deathly sick for the past two days. I hardly slept last night cause I had the chills and then I had the sweats. I hate being sick . I hate it cause I cannot take anything for it other than robitussin .

Yesterday we had to go and do the house inspection and thankfully nothing major needs to be fixed other than the ac and a few leaks here and there. My oldest daughter is so excited about getting her own room that she has been looking at discount bedroom furniture for her room. I keep telling her to wait till we move in to look at furniture but she insists on looking now. SHe tells me there is nothing wrong with looking. I guess she is right on that it doesn’t hurt to look.

I just hope I get better soon. I cant being sick.

stay away sickness stay away

What a way to start the week. First hubby and baby get sick. Hubby has a nasty cough and sounds really weezy then baby ends up with a fever which lasts two days and now he is all better but ariana and tristan ended up feeling chills and body aches.

I also started feeling aches and I am hoping that is all I feel cause I hate getting sick. I need to lysol the house and hope ashley doesn’t end up sick too.

In other news we should be starting escrow soon and hopefully there wont be anything major we have to fix on the house. It looked move in ready to me but you never know. We had went furniture shopping but decided to wait on the furniture when we are all settled in. Ashley is excited about not sharing rooms with her sister anymore. I guess that is part of the whole teen phase she is going through. Hopefully as ariana gets older they will get along better.

Happy Vday everyone

Happy Valentine’s everyone. We aren’t doing anything spectacular other than looking at furniture and watching whatever movies are on t.v and all the commercials on weight loss pills that I cannot try right now cause I am pregnant with twins.

I try to not let my weight get to me but I would be lying if I say it doesn’t . Right now I cant do anything about it but as soon as the babies are born I am going to try hard to excersice and I might consider taking diet pills if it helps.

Again happy valentine’s and I am off to see what I can find that is interstesting if not I am taking a nap.

Cheap might come at a cost

Did I tell you guys that we bought baby turtles for the kids. They were cheap but the equipment it takes to take care of these babies was not. I had no Idea how much stuff the baby turtles needed to survive.

First we had to buy them a bigger aquarium and then a thermometer and then some kind of uv light and then some other kind of basking light and last night I was reading that they needed some kind of water heater. While searching for the heater I read about a tankless water heater while it wouldnt b e for the turtles I think it would be a good thing for our new house. I would buy one if it meant reducing our electricity or gas bill. I am all about the savings. Next time I will think twice about purchasing baby turtles that dont cost so much because the upkeep cost 4 or 5 times as much . Lesson learned but at least the kids are enjoying watching the little turtles swin around .

patience is what I dont have

I am so impatient. I hate waiting to hear a response from the realtor or our loan person. I am sitting here on pins and needles waiting and waiting. That is why I could never get into scrapbooking because I could never sit still enough to fix the decorations or cut out the pages to make them look nice. I just dont have the patience to stay still. I got all the equipment to do scrapbooking but it is all in a box in the closet cause I haven’t been able to try it.

Maybe when I am further along and cant be moving around as much I can sit down and do it. If not I got a feeling I will be giving the box to my oldest daughter to do arts and crafts with it

I really want the house

The house we are interested went down in price yesterday and now we are hauling butt to get our offer situated and seein if we will be able to buy the house. I really want this house out of the houses we saw thsi was the best one and everything is close to it . We hope to put in a bid today we are just waiting to see what would be a good offer.

Oh and yesterday I got Ashley a nice comfpter for 13.00 at walmart the same comforter was selling for 38.00 I love it when I am able to get things at a bargain price. I also got the girls a trash can that came with the shower curtain and the tooth brush holder and the lotion pump for 7.00 I need to start buying the babies stuff but i really haven’t seen any bargains for the babies.

All I wanna do is sleep

I am still recuperating from the weekend trip we took to L.A. I cannot believe how badly it drained me. Even though we stayed in a nice hotel I had a hard time sleeping because I didn’t have my pillows and looking at houses and going up and down the stairs in them was more than my body could take. The fuuny thing is that as mucch as i wantexd to fall asleep last night I just couldn’t So I turned on the t.v and watched a couple of shows and a couple of diet pills commercials and finally as daytime was about to hit I started to fall asleep thank goodness my sister in law watched them for me in the morning because I was and still am exhausted

tired as heck

We just got back from looking at houses .Granted that it wasnt the best day to look at them since it was raining nonstop. We saw nine houses today and I think the best pnes were the two houses we saw the first time we went house hunting. I dont know how many houses people see before they find the house of their dreams. all I know is that it is exhausting looking and going up and down the stairs since all the houses we have seen are two stories.

On the way home the hubby and I started talking about term life insurance because now that we are getting a house we want to make sure our kids are covered and the house can be paid for if something were to happen to us. We never thought about purchasing life insurance policies but now that we are making more grown up decisions like buying a house the next big thing is getting a good life insurance policy. I can’t believe how much we have grown up in the 5 years tha twe have been married.

I hope that at least one of the two houses we liked are available when we are ready to make an offer.

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