Happy Vday everyone

Happy Valentine’s everyone. We aren’t doing anything spectacular other than looking at furniture and watching whatever movies are on t.v and all the commercials on weight loss pills that I cannot try right now cause I am pregnant with twins.

I try to not let my weight get to me but I would be lying if I say it doesn’t . Right now I cant do anything about it but as soon as the babies are born I am going to try hard to excersice and I might consider taking diet pills if it helps.

Again happy valentine’s and I am off to see what I can find that is interstesting if not I am taking a nap.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Hope you had a great Vday!
Mine was great. =)
Girl… worry about your weight after you have the babies. Enjoy the pregnancy! Because it goes by so fast… and yeah, after the babies are born, work on it. You obviously can’t take diet pills if you decide to nurse but I don’t recommend them. They do more bad than you think.

Just eat healthier, and walk walk walk!
I should listen to my own advice though, it’s hard to eat healthy and I have no energy to go work out. I can’t imagine having twins! Yikes!

Hang in there!

Hope you had a great Vday!

glad to hear someone had a great one! I did too granted.

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