stay away sickness stay away

What a way to start the week. First hubby and baby get sick. Hubby has a nasty cough and sounds really weezy then baby ends up with a fever which lasts two days and now he is all better but ariana and tristan ended up feeling chills and body aches.

I also started feeling aches and I am hoping that is all I feel cause I hate getting sick. I need to lysol the house and hope ashley doesn’t end up sick too.

In other news we should be starting escrow soon and hopefully there wont be anything major we have to fix on the house. It looked move in ready to me but you never know. We had went furniture shopping but decided to wait on the furniture when we are all settled in. Ashley is excited about not sharing rooms with her sister anymore. I guess that is part of the whole teen phase she is going through. Hopefully as ariana gets older they will get along better.

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then nobody can take care of anybody!

illnesses really travel around your family fast.

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