busy busy bee that’s me

I spent most of my day busy around the house packing things little by little and waiting for the hubby to arrive so we could go and get Ashley’s glasses replaced. She broke them yesterday while she and her cousins were playing in the playground. I am so glad that I called the optometry office where we originally purchased them because I was able to just buy the frame and have them put the lens in it. I had called around and every place wanteed to charge me and arm and a leg for the lens and the frame.

i also had to go buy a vacumn because my vacumn decided to die on me when I needed it the most and you wont believe how much of a klutz I am that I tripped on my own sandals. I have been wearing nothing but sandals because my feet hurt so much. I should invest on a pair of Dansko shoes . I really need some supportive shoes right now.

I got a busy day ahead of me and I dont even know where to start I feel so overwhelmed just thinking about it. I should go try and get a good nights rest but I dont even sleep well anymore even with pillows surrounding me.

big as a house

I feel as big as a house which i probably am because nothing fits me. I have been looking at maternity clothes because the few maternity items I had dont even fit. I have to go with Ashley to get her hair done and I dont have anything to wear. I want to at least get me a few shorts cause it is starting to get hot over here and once we move it is going to be even hotter since we are going to be close to palm springs and hot places like that.

I cannot believe I still have almost three months to go. My stomach is so streched out it has no more space to go. I cant fathom that my stomach is going to get bigger than it already is.

In bed again

Here I am back on bedrest again. This pregnancy has been the most difficult for me . Two weeks ago when I went to the doctors she put me on some diabetes pills and thankfully they have been working at keeping my sugar down. The bad thing is that I have been having contractions on and off for the past two weeks so I was placed on bedrest

I really haven’t bought alot of baby stuff which I should have by now. I am really scared of the babies coming soon . First cause they aren’t big enough and I am not prepared enough.

We are also in the process of moving. AHH the stress how can I not stress when all this is going around me.
I just hope that there is some kind of Baby Sale so I can buy the car seats and clothes the babies need. I also need a bassinet or pack and play to keep in my room . I have no Idea if my family is planning on giving me a baby shower or not.

I have a doctors appointment tommorow so here is hoping that everything is ok and I dont have to be hospitalized on anything like that. I also hope I dont have to be bedrested a long time

home decor thoughts

You know while looking for decorating tips through the home designing magazines the biggest thing that caught my eye were those beautiful wall fountains that people had installed. I would love to have something like that but whith my children there is no way I could own one. Maybe when they get older it might be possible but at this moment I can forget it.

It is a darn shame but everytime I see some nice decoration I have to consider if it is baby proof or toddler proof. We have even ruled out a glass end table because of the danger of it breaking on one of the kids.

I know some people say that you should train your kids to be more careful but I rather wait till they are older to buy glass stuff like that . Would you buy glass furniture when you have little kids around or would you wait till they are older and can be more careful?

I feel chilly willy

I hate to be uch a complainer but I do not feel well today. Either it is because the day was cold and looked like it was going to rain or cause I am getting sick but I have been feeling chilly willy all day.
Right about now I wish I had a electric blanket to get all cozy instead I am having to pile on blankets just to keep warm I am falling apart I tell you .

I really hope I am not getting sick again. It can’t be the flu I had about two weeks ago still haging out can it ?

trying to downsize

I have been thinking about listing some of the items that we are getting rid off either on ebay or listing them on craiglist. My hubby would love for me to get rid of my collection of purses but those babies are making the move with me .

I have a replica items that I will just probably give away as a donation such as some fake Gucci watches that I got at a flea market years ago and a few purses that are not name brand.

I think I am also going to get rid of some of the toys the kids dont use. I am also going to get rid of some of my novels. I always think it is better to start fresh. Which is kind of hard for me cause I am such a packrat

I dont feel so good

I busted my butt cleaning yesterday and I still feel exhausted from yesterdays cleaning. It doesnt help that my throat feels raw with all this coughing and all this phlegm. I have no Idea why the docter wouldn’t give me something to dry it out. It has been more than two weeks and I still have the same cough.

I go back to the docter’s on the 12 and if it is not gone by then then I am going to ask that they give me something that will dry it out . I have had coughing spells where I can barely breathe and have had to use my kids nebulizer just to be able to breathe. I feel like my body is falling apart little by little I dont even want to think what it will be like when I am old.

slowly getting rid of stuff

I am slowly starting to discard things we dont need and giving away items that can still be used. We were looking at tv stands the other day when were were at Circuit city but since they are closing soon they didn’t have much of an inventory.

We are thinking of replacing the couch since it is old and breaking and maybe the dining room set. So really out of the big items we will be taking when we move are just the bedroom sets and all the little knick knacks that are in this place.

I think I am going to start packing my movies today and a few of the items that we dont use right now.

car repairs can be a pain

I really hope that our car doesnt need expensive repair. We have no Idea how much it is going to cost because just to give me a diagnosis it is 100 something bucks. What kind of diagnosis do they need to do the passenger seat get flooded when it rains so it is either one of two things. Either there is a hole on the bottom of the car where it is coming in or it is coming in through the passenger door.

I wonder what is up with cars breaking cause my friends car broke down and not only did her power steering go out but some kind of ball bearings went out too. At least the ball bearings isn’t going to cost Nit so much but the power steering is costing her an arm and a leg.
I just hope the car keeps running for now and hope it doesnt rain soon.

irrational fears

I dont know why but I have been so full of fears lately. I worry about too many things going wrong in this pregnancy which really doesnt help my sugar levels. I then worry because my suger levels are high and I might need insulin and it is just a bad vicious cycle. I have irrational fears too which I have never had but for some reason the thought of them makes me get nightmares. I really need to get a grip of myself and start packing little by little to ditract myself. I haven’t packed a single thing and we have alot of stuff to go through

I really hope when it comes time to move we can either hire some help or we can get help from friends cause there is no way I am going to be in any condition to help my hubby. Oh and i was just thinking we willl be moving when it starts to get really hot down here. Goodness gracious I just need to stay positive.

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