In bed again

Here I am back on bedrest again. This pregnancy has been the most difficult for me . Two weeks ago when I went to the doctors she put me on some diabetes pills and thankfully they have been working at keeping my sugar down. The bad thing is that I have been having contractions on and off for the past two weeks so I was placed on bedrest

I really haven’t bought alot of baby stuff which I should have by now. I am really scared of the babies coming soon . First cause they aren’t big enough and I am not prepared enough.

We are also in the process of moving. AHH the stress how can I not stress when all this is going around me.
I just hope that there is some kind of Baby Sale so I can buy the car seats and clothes the babies need. I also need a bassinet or pack and play to keep in my room . I have no Idea if my family is planning on giving me a baby shower or not.

I have a doctors appointment tommorow so here is hoping that everything is ok and I dont have to be hospitalized on anything like that. I also hope I dont have to be bedrested a long time

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