bedrested and bored

I haven’t updated much which I should be doing since I am bedrested. The doctor put me on bedrest because of all the contractions I was having. I am so bored not being able to do anything. I am still having contractions just not as many as I was having before.

I found out through one od my aunts that my uncle has cancer and it is really bad. I hate when my family tries to keep stuff from me. I think I should be able to know what is going on. Noone will tell me what type of cancer it is or how bad it is . I have been reading up on different types of cancer and I just hope it isn’t mesothelioma . Though it could be because he worked in construction and in the deparment of wager and power for many years.

I am trying to stay positive about the news but it makes me really sad. Why does my family have to get cancer?

a little update

We have almost moved all the way we still have a few items at he old house but we will tackle that little by little . We have been staying at the new house and the kids are enjoying the yard. I on the other hand am not to pleased with the stairs leading to the bedrooms. I have been having more and more contractions and that worries me

I go to the docters on thursday and hopefully everything is alright because these contractions has been getting stronger and stronger. I am scared of being hospitalized. I have such irrational fears sometimes.

Hubby’s cousin is coming to Las Vegas next month and hubby wanted me to go looking into specials at all the Las Vegas hotels but I think I am going to be to far along to travel. I think I am going to have to get a green light from my docter before I make any kind of long distance traveling.

a breath of fresh air

I had to get out for the day I was feeling to overwhelmed. I went out with my sister-inlaw and we walked around a few stores. while we were out we saw a dixieline and they were having some kind of garden sale going on. My hubby wants to replace the grass but I am not worried as much about the grass right now. I did go take a look at their tree nursery because I want to have two beautiful trees where I can eventually hang a hammack on. My dream has always been to have a hammack and lay on it and read a book.

I am so glad that I went for a walk and relaxed my nerves. I feel a little bit better. Tommorow I am going to tackle things one at a time and try to stress myself so much.

I am on the verge I tell ya

I hate having to be the one in charge of everything . I feel so overwhelmed and tired and just dont know where to start. I gave the hubby our thirty day notice so he could sign it and we could turn it in and like a procrastinator that he is he has no Idea where he put it and the apt office is being really shitty about me not handing in the notice on the first like I was supposed too.

I haven’t called to get the utilities on at the new house and we haven’t finished packing but yet my hubby wants to move everything next week . I am having contractions I dont have the babies things ready. Uggh I am just looking for the nearest exit signs to just run away from everything. I wish it were that simple but I know it isnt.

I just have to get a bite to eat and tackle one thing at a time but it is easier said than done .

difference of opinion

If you have the keys to the new house but dont have to move out of your old place till the end of the month when is the right time to have the utilities turned on in the other place ? I dont think we are going to start staying at the new place yet so my thoughts are to schedule for them to be turned on toward the end of the month when we will be actually staying there. My hubby on the other hand thinks that we should have them turned on now even though we are not staying there yet because he doesnt want to worry about it later.

Like I said before I am more worried about getting fixed the minor problems the house has first while hubby is worried about moving in right away. I always try to save a buck and get good deals on things like discount supplements while he doesnt care of the cost of things and doesnt mind paying full price for things.
I guess in the end we balance each other out. I just wish he was more careful the way he spends money cause the economy isnt doing to good and we just might need all the money we can save.

I never say I hate someone but I feel it right now

Gosh I have enough on my plate right now and the drama that happend with my in-laws weeks back has came up again and they make me so stressed and upset me so much when I dont need it. I dont need them in my life if they are going to be mean and cruel to me and my children. I have never stopped my hubby from talking to his parents but I just dont want them around when they are poison to me and my kids.

I really need to calm down right now cause I am furious beyond belief.

Update : the big drama queen that she is she checked herself in the hospital because she said she feels stressed and depressed over what she causes. She always starts crap and then wants to act like she did nothing wrong.

To do lists that I never do

I need to be more organized I totally space out when I have things to do. I start with a to do list but I never get to more than one or two items from it . I have a low attention span. I have things like getting the utilities on at the new house . I need to find out what cable company covers our area and also the telephone company. I need to see if my cellphone provider works out there or If I am going to need to get a new contract with a different one .

I also need to check on some cheap auto insurance for our two cars. The insurance we have now is good but very costly so I need to find something that fits our budget more.

See look at me I need to be doing all these things and instead I am sitting here writing about what I need to do rather than doing it .

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