a breath of fresh air

I had to get out for the day I was feeling to overwhelmed. I went out with my sister-inlaw and we walked around a few stores. while we were out we saw a dixieline and they were having some kind of garden sale going on. My hubby wants to replace the grass but I am not worried as much about the grass right now. I did go take a look at their tree nursery because I want to have two beautiful trees where I can eventually hang a hammack on. My dream has always been to have a hammack and lay on it and read a book.

I am so glad that I went for a walk and relaxed my nerves. I feel a little bit better. Tommorow I am going to tackle things one at a time and try to stress myself so much.

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Just the thought of laying in a hammock, reading my favorite book, and drinking lemonade makes me smile. I hope that things are becoming less stressful for you. 🙂

Oh gosh, we must be twins. I was thinking the same thing. I want a hammock.


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