I am on the verge I tell ya

I hate having to be the one in charge of everything . I feel so overwhelmed and tired and just dont know where to start. I gave the hubby our thirty day notice so he could sign it and we could turn it in and like a procrastinator that he is he has no Idea where he put it and the apt office is being really shitty about me not handing in the notice on the first like I was supposed too.

I haven’t called to get the utilities on at the new house and we haven’t finished packing but yet my hubby wants to move everything next week . I am having contractions I dont have the babies things ready. Uggh I am just looking for the nearest exit signs to just run away from everything. I wish it were that simple but I know it isnt.

I just have to get a bite to eat and tackle one thing at a time but it is easier said than done .

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Oh no…. I’m so sorry.
I hope everything gets better.
Being pregnant and stressed is not a good combo.


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