false alarm and so the waiting begins

I had to rush this morning to the hospital because I started with contractions and the pain got bad and started making me puke. So up we g at 2:00am to drive and hour to the hospital and find out that my contractions were 10 to 15 minutes apart. The doctor wants my contractions to be 5 minutes apart before they admit me. In a way it is good that I wasnt admitted because I didn’t have anything ready. I forgot to bring my camera that I bought at Circuit City.

I wanted to get a video camera but I doubt we will be able to buy one before the twins get here. I also want my sister-inlaw to be there and so I really perfer to go scheduled than the rush we were in today.

it killed over just like that

My hubby’s laptop up and died. I have been looking for a replacement but I haven’t found any deals. I keep wondering if it would be cheaper to replace the hard drive and computer memory or do I just buy a new one. I am not computre savvy at all and I dont know what to do. All I know is that he needs it for school pronto. I always thought dells were the best but it only lasted him three years and then went kurplunk. I really would like an apple powerbook but it will be a long time before I get that.

If any of you find any good deals on laptops please let me know. I meanwhile am going to try and see if it is worth repairing the dell laptop or just buying a new laptop. I know most of the good sales happen during thanksgiving time but I dont think hubbies school work can wait that long.

wishing I was in Texas

I got a call from my aunt yesterday telling me she was in Texas visiting my cousin. I felt so excited for her since it has been months since she has seen her daughter. I told her take lots of pictures of her and have a great time.

Hours later she calls me and tells me should she rent a car to get around. I tell her she should and then she decides to tell me that she does not know how to drive in the freeway and everywhere you have to go is in the freeway. Ay ya yay I simply told her. she should invest in some cheap travel insurance and hope for the best because I do not know how she is going to get around for a week if she doesnt have a car. She was also telling me that she has a bad flight but that is when my stupid cellphone decided to drop the call so now I sit and wait to hear from them again.

How can you be driving for 3 to 4 years and never once get on the freeway ! Well I cant talk since I dont drive at all.

The time is getting close ….

We got back from San Diego late last night after spending wednesday and thursday over there. The docter congratulated me on making it this far with the twins and I am quite shocked that I have made it this far myself. I thought for sure I would go into labor really early considering all the ailments I suffer from.

She scheduled my C-section for June 19 if they dont decide to come before then. I am nit going to lie I feel very apprehensive about the Csection since I have never had one. I just want to make sure that the babies are all right so whatever they have to do to make sure is what I will do.

My docter was also telling me that if I make it till june 19 they could possibly be normal size and I dont have to use preemie clothes. Just in case I am keeping the tagas on the preemie clothes that I have.

I am going to try and take some pictures before I have the babies to remember how big my stomach got. I hope the pictures come out nice since I look so tired all the time

silly quirks of mine

I woke up feeling huge not that its a surprise since I am carrying twins but I feel as big as a whale. I can barely roll over to get out of bed. I need help just getting out of bed geez. I am so worried about what my stomach will look like once I have them.

I could always count on the best diet supplement there is out there but I dont think that would neccessarily take away the leftover skin that I am sure is just going to hang there . These are the things that cross my mind daily and I know I shouldn’t be so worried but I am. I was not skinny to begin with and with the extra flab hanging out I am sure I am going to look worse.

I think I am just going to try and watch a movie and distract myself from such nonsense.

matter of opinion

I had said that I wasn’t going going to get alot of maternity clothes this pregnancy and I haven’t but I did buy myself a cute sundress. I figured that I can still use it even after I am done being pregnant. Plus with this weather getting hotter by the day I am sure I am going to get lots of use of it.

I think that once I am done with this pregnancy I am going to be donating the rest of the maternity clothes I have because I do not plan on ever doing this pregnancy thing again.
dont get me wrong I love having my kids its the whole pregnanncy part that kicks my butt. If I was rich and could afford the whole surrogacy thing I would be the first in line . My body just wasn’t made to have babies I think. My sister in law begs to differ but everyone has their own opinions about things. I am lucky I got a two fro the price of one because their is no way I could have done 6 pregnancies. I dont see how the octomom did so many.

itchy dry skin

I am not sure if it is the hard water that they have at this new place or if it is my hormones making me skin so dry but it is driving me crazy. Ariana’s ezema has also been bothering her which makes me think it is the waer here. We have invested in all kinds of skin care products but they dont not seem to be helping. My face keeps peeling and even though i have been putting medicine on Ari’s skin it is still bothering her. I think we need to invest in getting some kind of water softner going because if it is affecting us it will probably bother the babies too.

I have tried palmer’s cocoa butter and eucerin I dont know what others to try for Ariana’s ezcema and I hate to see her so itchy. I am using her medicine to calm some of the itching but the water keeps drying her out. I hope I can find some solution to this

picture of my preggy self

I am now 32 weeks pregnant with twins and bedrested which is driving me banana’s but I am slowly getting through it. Thank god I have not had to buy too many maternity clothes. I have bought a few Items here and there but have been able to get away with wearing loose shirts and tank tops. The one thing I have needed to get was shorts and capri’s cause I could not fit anything when it came to my shorts and capri’s so I did have to buy bottoms.

Here is a picture of me 28 weeks pregnant with the twins excuse the mess as we had just moved in the house 2 days prior .pregnant with the twins

it’s getting to be crunch time

I went to the doctor’s on thursday and I still have to be bedrested till the babies come. Which is such a bummer to me I hate to be bedrested. The good thing is that the babies were measuring 4lbs 7oz each and she said that is a good weight for the babies since I am 32 weeks . I lost another three lbs which is amazing to me cause I eat good so right now I weigh less than I did when I got pregnant isnt that crazy. I am pregnant with twins and I weigh less than before I was preggo. I guess there is no need for me to take atro phex . Hopefully once the babies are born I can keep the weight off.

We are supposed to go to Target today and get the babies carseats and a couple of necessary items for the babies and I really need to start packing my diaper bag. I am such a procrastinator I have been waiting till the last minute and according to my doctor they can come any time now so I better have at least the basic items ready now. I hope taget has those electric handicap buggies cause I can’t be on my feet for more than ten minutes at a time.

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