Still upset

I am just beside myself and even though my hubby tells me not to worry I cant help it. I have been trying to just entertain myself and not think about what the CHASE bank did to us but it is hard not too.
I am just glad I wasnt buying something big like a rv extended warranty cuase I would have been up a shitcreek. I feel bad for some of the people who were traveling and using their credit card when it got cancelled. These bad economic times are scaring me so much. It also doesnt help that I watch movies like “knowing” with Nicolas Cage.

As much as this has upset me I am going to focus on the positive and hope that someone sues these people and our credit goes back to normal. I hope the other credit companies sees what good customers we are and makes the point loss we are going to suffer not that drastic. I am just happy we bought our house before this happend. I do not want to think what it did to those who are trying to buy a house or are going to buy one cause I am sure it is going to look negatively on their credit.

Chase banks are targeting wamu credit card holders!!

I have been so upset the past few days. Without any notification Chase decided to close both my husband and my WAMU credit cards. WE made sure we always paid on time and we always paid more than the minimum and we usually paid off our credit cards so why they would decide to go and close us is beyond me. I was so upset that I started looking online to see if anyone had this happen to them and I found a website that had all these people saying that it also happend to them. Chase closed their credit cards too without any prior notice. It seems they targeted former Wamu credit card holders. How is this even allowed? I am not worried about the credit card what worries me is the affect and the point drop that this closing is going to have on our credit.

I hope they have a clss action lawsuit because I will be one of the first ones signing up for it. Here is the the link if anyone is interested in reading what Chase is doing to former wamu credit card holders. look HERE

busy bee that’s me

I feel so sleepy but I have alot to take care of today. I have errands to run and bills to pay and I have a few things I have to check online for family. One of the things I have to do is look at insurance online for one of Jason’s uncle. I also have to look up rental homes fro one of my family members and then I have to get the house situated.I swear there is never enough hours in the day for the things that need to get done.

I have been so busy with the babies too. I think the heat irritates them as much as it does me. I also think that they have some sort of heat rash. They have a docter’s appointment next week poor babies are going to get their first set of shots.
They have gotten so big in such a short time they are starting to fit into 3-6 months clothes and they are barely going to be 2 months.

A quick solution to one of my needs

I have found a little bit of relief from my money problems. I have started clipping coupons from the newspaper on sunday and checking out websites like I can’t believe the savings that I am getting by using them and I am especially saving alot on the many diapers and wipes the twins are using.

I have also been checking out the bestbuy coupons because the hubby’s laptop died and he needs one for school badly. He is the only one in his university class that doesnt have a laptop right now and feels somewhat out of place. He gets embarrased so easily but I can see where he is coming from since this is the technology age and everyone owns a computer,

I think I am going to be organizing all my coupons today and see what coupons I will be using for my next shopping visit. I was so proud of myself when I saved close to 15.00 just by using coupons for items that the household needed.

I am feeling anxious again

I am starting to feel overwhelmed again. I dont know if it is because of sleep or what but I am feeling very anxious. I feel irratable and feel like I dont want to be bothered. The heat is also getting to me and the bills that are piling up are getting to me.
I need to take a breather and relax but it seems so hard to do right now. I hate that the bills are piling up. I also cant stand that money is running short in this household. I need to find more work that I can do from home. There is alot of responsability with owning a home and I am sure feeling it right now.
I think I need to just take a nap but I cant even do that till the honey gets home and can watch the babies.

Too hot for me

The summer heat has hit us. We have been running our AC nonstop cause it has just been too hot to be without it. I do not want to imagine how much my bill will be for the month of July. It has been in the hundreds out here and we are without a pool.

I can only wish I was having Florida vacations instead of enduring this heat. The babies have been getting little heat rashes and my other kids have resorted to walking around damn near naked. The girls have been in tank tops and shirts and the boys have not worn a shirt in days.

I hope that it gets cooler soon but I highly doubt it. The neighbors tell me that this heat will remain for a few more months.

In other news the hubbies aunt might be moving closer to us which is always great to know. she is super nice and sweet and I just love her to pieces.
Also family members have been struggling alot in this economy and it makes me realize how blessed we are and how much love we all have for each other to want to help each other out.

Mother nature came with a vengence

Oh my goodness something I didn’t miss while being pregnant was the visit from aunt flo. Geez mother nature has arrived and with a vengence. Noone told me that the more kids you have the worse your cramps get. I have been on the verge of crying this whole day. I cannot take pain and these cramps are horrendus and my flow is heavier than it has ever been. I for a minute panicked and wondered if I was hemmoraging to death. I know I can be a tad bit scandelous and freak out at the most minut of things but I have never had a flow this heavy.

Please let it go by quickly and let the other ones be less painful than this one. I cannot take many more of these kind of monthly visits.


I need to go to sleep cause we are getting up early to go to my docter’s appointment. I am running on a few hours of sleep and it is starting to catch up with me. I knew I was really lacking sleep when I bumped into the display of tv stands they had at best buy.
I knew I would be lacking sleep but it is hard for me to get sleep when I have to take care of the other kids too. I cant wait till the weekend when hubby gets to watch the babies and I can catch up on sleep. Until then I guess I will be walking around like a zombie


I have such a scratchy throat right now. I think it might be because we kept going from an air conditioned hotel room to the hot outdoors while we went swimming and then when we walked around the ride areas. We also went into the non-heated pool (whats up with that ) to the jacuzzi and then back it was to the air conditioned room tillw e had to step out to go get a bite to eat. They say that the weather has nothing to do with you getting sick but I always get sick from such drastic climate changes. What I really need is some
immune system boosters to stop me from getting sick all the time.

Without fail evvery summer I get a cold There has yet to be a summer where I am not sick at least once. Oh and dont let me get started on my nosebleeds. I keep telling everyone that I am broken in someway or another.

back to reality

We had a little mini vacation and now we are back home. I wish it would have lasted longer but we had to get back to our daily life doing our daily things. I never found a nice bathing suit so I used an old one I had from like 5 years ago. I really didn’t like the way it looked so I wore shorts and a tank top too.

I could not believe how hot it was out there. I was so glad to be in air conditioning all the time. I went to the oultlet stores out there but sadly could not buy much as we were on a budget. The family cannot believe how big the babies have gotten. We still cant pinpoint who they look like. It would probably be easier if we could go down our ancestry dna.

They are so much lighter than all our other kids it is a trip. I keep telling my hubby that it is because we undercooked them. If you looked at them now you would have never known that they were preemies.

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