I’ve been around

Sorry that I have been missing in action but I have been taking care of the babies and the house and trying to let my c section heal. I have also been planning a little mini vacation for the kids and for us too. They have been so bored this summer vacation. We usually do something for the summer but with the babies coming so close to summer we didnt plan anything.

We are planning to go to Primm which is the city right before you get to vegas. They have rides and games and gof courses for the kids and it isnt too expensive so that is where we are planning to go.
They also have a big pool that the kids can go swimming in which they are really excited about.
I have no Idea what I did with my bathing suit and I really dont want to go shopping for one cause I dont care if I used the best diet pills out there I do not look good in a bathing suit. WHY couldn’t I have a body like Kim Kardashian.

I dont ask for much do I ? Geez If all it took was to get plastic surgery I would be the size I wanted to be right now . I know I need to work hard to get thin but I will admit that I would love the easiest way possible

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