I didnt follow my own instructions

With all the stuff that we had going on I stopped walking. Yeah I had told myself that I would stick to it but alas I have not. I need to start walking again as my last resort I will turn to a weight loss supplement but I am going to try my best to excersice and lose weight that way.

I have walked to the store a couple of times instead of driving so I guess that is good. Any kind of excesice is good excersice right. I have tried not to eat too many sweets and let me tell you that is so hard for me because I love sweets.

Why cant it be easy to lose weight? then again if it was easy there wouldnt be so many overweight people in this world

Hopefully fall while be setting in

It is slowly starting to get a bit cooler here. At least today it seems a bit more colder than the past few days. I have to start worrying about Ariana’s excema because it always gets worse during the winter time. Ariana’s skin is so delicate that I just cant use any ordinary lotion on her. I have to make sure it doesnt have alot of fragrance in it or it will make her break out. I like Burt Bee’s because they use all natural ingredients in almost all of their products and I usually tend to buy her Burts Bees when I am looking for a natural body lotion.

I wonder if Ariana wil ever outgrow her exema? Ialso wonder if she will outgrow her asthma. She got real sick on me a few weeks ago with her asthma and I had to stop and give her an asthma treatment.Tristan also got sick around the same time with his asthma so he needed a treatment too. Luckly for me Ariana is the only one with the Excema so she gets special lotions for her body while the other kids can use just about any lotion. I need to take a trip to the store for a few household Items as well as Ariana’s stuff. I just need to remind myself what I am going for cause I tend to get distracted once I get there

Had a fun day yesterday

I had such a fun filled day yesterday. We went to Wild River’s water park. I didnt go on the big water slides because it would have hurt my back. I came home with a sore back just from swimming and hanging out in the water. For some reason water makes you very tired doesnt it. Even though we were at the park for only four hours we were exhausted.

I came home and took a shower and went straight to bed. It was a good thing that I went to bed because I had to be up a few hours later with the twins. The babies had a bad day and were very fussy and gassy. I wish my milk wouldn’t have dried up and I was able to breastfeed. I never had that kind of problem when I breasted my other kids.

In other news I haven’t been getting any comments. I wonder if it’s because I am not on a good web site directory or if it’s just because my blogging can get boring at times. I hope more people comment at least to say hi or tell me my post are boring.

I might post some pictures but they will probably be in a private post cause I am sometimes a little weird about posting family pictures online.

cool contest to win 50 bucks

I just came across I cool contest where I and any of you can win a $ 50.00 AMEX gift card. All you have to do is check out Medelita’s contest page and either write one blog post or do 2 shout outs via your favorite social media site and include the word “labcoat “and point to their homepage http://www.medelita.com/. Then you submit the url to where your link is located and they will check your submission and just wait to see if you win .

I could really use 50 bucks. I can think of many things I can buy with 50 bucks. SO I am going to be entering pretty soon.

A beautiful smile is worth a thousand words

I had the pleasure of trying out some kids floss recently.I was sent the DenTek fun flossers free of charge to review and let me tell you the teeth gods must have heard me because I had been having problems getting my kids to floss their teeth.
They hate the taste of the dental floss that I buy and for some reason they also struggle trying to roll the ends between their fingers. The dental floss that I tried out comes on a cute little handle that my kids adored and guess what?
I have not had to ask them to please floss their teeth. They have been asking and begging me to floss their teeth. The best part of all is that they love the fruit flavor that is on the floss. I am sold on these kids floss.

I am really particular when it comes to teeth because I had to wear braces and a retainer for so many years when I was younger. I have been determined to keep my kids teeth nice and clean and hopefully they will have straight teeth and wont have to go through the whole process of getting braces. Dental hygenie starts young and hopefully they will keep up with their teeth.
Here is a video of what my son and I thought. Hope you enjoy the video

I also wanted to say that while I am being compensated for my review I will always give my honest opinion on the product I am trying out and this dental floss is something that you will see in my kids bathroom and in my house.

Geez the cost to be healthy

I have been giving lots of thought to our health insurance needs. Right now we got coverage although it isnt the best its some type of coverage. My family on the other hand dont have any medical coverage and its costing them alot to just get seen for minor things. I have been looking at a health insurance lead website to get the best quotes for them but I am appalled at how much health insurance costs.

Here I am complaining about a 15 dollar copay and some people have to pay 50 dollar copays. I wish we had free medical coverage like in some other countries do but hey we cant have it all. I hope at least that some of the cost of the prescription pills goes down.
Maybe I am just feeling it worse because the twins have needed to go to the doctors often but the cost to be seen have really put a dent in my pocket.

I hope I can find a good health insurance fot my aunt if not the are going to go in debt just visiting the doctors for her high blood pressure medication.

Driving doesnt make things easier

So now that I have my license you would think things would have gotten easier for me but they havent. I really think I have been even more occupied than I was before. Ibarely have time to start doing anything else before its time to pick up Tristan from kinder.

Speaking of kinder I tried to sit on one of their classroom chairs and damn near fell off. My behind did not fit in those tiny chairs. I felt like an elephant trying to sit properly while the teacher talked to us about thier classroom activities.

I wake up so early trying to get these kids ready for school that come 10pm I am so ready to crash. I used to be able to stay up till 1am or longer but not anymore. I just wake up to feed the twins and then its back to bed for me till its time to get the other kids ready for school.

I did it yay!!!!

I did it !!! I passed my drivers test and now I just have to wait to get my license in the mail. I cannot believe it still but I will have my license in my hands in 4-6 weeks. Lets hope that I am such a good driver that I will never need to use any type of injury lawyer such as the Tennessee injury lawyers I have seen mentioned in some websites I have visited.

I am still amazed at how calm I felt when I went to go take my test. I prayed last night and this morning and I prayed right before my test and I was able to do it. I am so so proud of myself

Now I can go wherever I want without having to ask someone to take me there.

I need answers !!!

How does one mourn the lost of a loved one ? I cant go a day where i dont misss my mother like crazy. There are times where I wonder is she watching over me ? Does she see my children ? I have so many things I wish she was here to witness like the funny things her grandchildren say or do.

What life lesson are we supposed to learn when a loved one goes? I can tell you now that I have not learned what ever lesson was to be learned. I break down every time and I am not strong and Cant be strong for others when I lack the strength for myself.

Life is not fair !! Why is this world so cruel ? I need answers someone please give me some answers

Trying to be positive

Have I blogged that I am trying to excersice everyday therefore I am walking everyday? I am not sure if I blogged about it or not but I am walking for a good hour to get some type of excersice. I need to try and eat less sweets but that is my next step. I have been using some walking shoes but they still make my feet hurt. They arent anything fancy like Dansko shoes but they arent cheap shoes either. I think that no matter what type of tennis shoes I use I am always going to have a problem because my feet are flat.

I like going walking everyday cause it gives me some private time to myself, to gather my thoughts and to just relax as if you can while walking which is more like power walking. Either way I am getting my endorphins going and that’s a good thing I need some positive and happy thoughts in all the sadness that we are going through right now.

On a sad note today marks eight years since my mom passed away and even though its been 8 years to me it still feels like yesterday. I think I am going to hug my kids tighter today more than any other day . I am so glad that I tell my children everyday how much I love them and hold them and kiss them constantly.

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