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I had the pleasure of trying out some kids floss recently.I was sent the DenTek fun flossers free of charge to review and let me tell you the teeth gods must have heard me because I had been having problems getting my kids to floss their teeth.
They hate the taste of the dental floss that I buy and for some reason they also struggle trying to roll the ends between their fingers. The dental floss that I tried out comes on a cute little handle that my kids adored and guess what?
I have not had to ask them to please floss their teeth. They have been asking and begging me to floss their teeth. The best part of all is that they love the fruit flavor that is on the floss. I am sold on these kids floss.

I am really particular when it comes to teeth because I had to wear braces and a retainer for so many years when I was younger. I have been determined to keep my kids teeth nice and clean and hopefully they will have straight teeth and wont have to go through the whole process of getting braces. Dental hygenie starts young and hopefully they will keep up with their teeth.
Here is a video of what my son and I thought. Hope you enjoy the video

I also wanted to say that while I am being compensated for my review I will always give my honest opinion on the product I am trying out and this dental floss is something that you will see in my kids bathroom and in my house.

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