Please flu bug go away

I have been sick for the past few days and its made me real anal about the germs that are going around the house. I wish I could sterilize all the kids and have them wear those sterilized safety gowns complete with disposable shoe covers. i hate having all kinds of germs and the kids getting sick.

I hope it is the regular flu and not the swine flu or H1N1 flu. Although my husband was exposed to it and came home feeling sick a few days later I am just hoping that it is a regular flu that will leave my house soon. I am getting stocked up on Lysol and I am having the kids wash they hands more frequently than I already have them do.

I am such a paranoid person when it comes to getting sick but better safe than sorry.

Uggh I hate getting sick

I got sick. I hate to get sick and now I am in bed with the flu. I had so much to do and I still have so much to do. I cant get sick because I need to take care of the house and the kids and when I go down so does the house. I need to be looking for aauto insurance quote for Jason’s friend and I need to be organizing all the kids clothes that they wont be wearing anymore.

I think I am going to take a nap and see if this headache and the chills I have right now go away and I am going to try and get a few things done. I still have to get the kids costume ready for the halloween party we are supposed to go to.I really hate felling sick it slows me down.

It would be my dream come true

I wonder if I should talk to the hubby about having some sort of wedding vow renewal for our 10 year wedding anniversay? I never got to have any of that and I would be lying if I say I didnt want it. I would love to have a bridal shower complete with cute bridal shower invitations. I would have to start planning and saving money now if we were to have any kind of party.

I would also like to get married in a church and have our union blessed by god although it isnt nessasary i think it would be nice. I am not exactly very religious although I do believe there is someone higher than us that watches over us.

I would love to have some sort of theme to my wedding but I dont know what it is yet. If hubby says we can have one I will definately start looking into the cost and planning something.

Toothache bad , wedding fun

I had such a busy week this week. I had to get a root canal done which I didnt want to do cause I hate going to the dentist. I had a toothache afterwards for like two days. The good thing that came out of it was that I got to see my sis-inlaw and a got to look at some cute bridal shower invitations for one of her family members. I like weddings their is something so magical about them.

I cant wait to plan a wedding for myself. When Jas and I got married we just went to the county registars office and got married. We didnt have the whole wedding party or the dress or any of the fun stuff like that so I think I want to plan something for my 10 year anniversary.

I would be happy with a little party it doesnt have to be huge but I defintely want the dress and the nice decorations and stuff.

Never to young to start

I dont know if I mentioned it here or not but the other day I was putting on some makeup and I got to noticing that I am getting a few wrinkles here and there. I can be a little vain when it comes to my face and when I went to the store I started looking at different types of wrinkle cream.

I dont know at what age you are supposed to use the stuff but I am sure it wont hurt to start now. I refuse to look like some of the celebrities who are in their 20’s and look like they could be in their late 30’s. I want to have a youthful appearance for as long as I can.

A place to call home

I have been assigned the job of looking for a place for my uncle to live in. He is looking for either one of those mobile homes or trailers and he also has me looking at any used rv for sale. I guess he is tired of renting and just wants to buy something that doesnt cost that much and is all his.

I think its a great idea because right now the rental prices are outrageous. We are paying less for owning our 6 bedroom house than we were when we were renting our 3 bedroom apartment. I know we were paying for the beautiful weather in San Diego but other than the heat here its not that bad.

I love the fact that my kids can get as loud as they want because its their house. They can run around and jump up and down and no one tells them anything. I can also wash my clothes whenever I want without being told to be quiet cause the waterrunning in the wash is waking them up.

i can go on and on about the beauty of owing my own place so I totally understand why my uncle wants a place he can call home

Live one day at a time but live it to the fullest

As I was putting on my makeup the other day I was noticing how much my face has changed through out the years. I have noticed that I have gotten more freckles which I hate. I am also getting wrinkles on my face !! I cannot believe that I am getting wrinkles they are little ones but they are there none the less. I can be quite vain when it comes to my face so you best believe that I am going to be trying any kind of wrinkle treatment that will make those lines dissapear.

I feel like I am getting so old and I need to reguvinate myself in some way. I dont know if I am feeling this way because of all that has been happening in our family or what. I just want to do something different and exciting. I want to experience so much. Like Adam used to say. “live one day at a time but live it to the fullest”

Such a sad week.

This past week has been so difficult for all of us.We went out of town for Adam’s Memorial. It was on Wednesday at 10 am and although it was sad to have him gone the service was beautiful just as he was. It is so hard for everyone to accept the fact that he is gone. He was too young and had his whole life ahead of him. He had big plans of buying a house with his wife and paying all his debts and because the military or whoever did the electrical work over in Iraq didnt properly ground the wirings he got electrocuted while taking a shower and died.

I am still quite distraught and have a hard time thinking and dealing with the whole death thing. I hate losing those that I love the most. It makes me feel like I need to put a guard up and not get so attached to people or I might lose them.

A little insight

My three year old son just let me know what he wants for christmas. I am so glad he gave me an inclination of what kinds of Kids Toys I need to be shopping for. He is into those little toddler toys that have themes such as pirates and ships and airplanes and cute little things like that.

I wanted toys that arent to small for him to choke on since he likes to put stuff in his mouth and these little playmobil toys are the perfect gift for him. I am so happy to have found something for him too. I used to have little people toys when I was little so I am glad they still have some sort of version of that for my son. I like toys that makes his imagination soar. I like to have them be as creative as they can be. I believe that being creative and imaginative stimulates their mind .

So other than the toddler toys I plan to get him I think I will get him a learning frog that has letters and numbers and colors. I want him to be prepared for preschool or kinder when its his time to go to school.

Hmm Ideas for gifts

I have purchased a few Kids Toys that my children have been asking for but I cant think of what other Kids Toys are hot right now. I know one of my sons wants anything Transformers so that is easy. I just dont know what to get my three year old or what to get the twins.

I kinda want to go more green and get the kids wooden toys and stuff that they can play with as well as learn a thing or two. I am having a hard time getting something for my oldest girl. She is at that age where she isnt playing with dolls or anything “childish” as she says. She is into High School Musical and all the teenage things that are so popular right now.

The babies are easy because I am just going to get them learning toys. Geez these holidays are just creeping up on me. I do love the holiday food that comes with it though. That is why holidays are bad for me weight wise.

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