Bigsmiletoys is where I am going to be

I have the girls christmas out the way now. All I need is to finish up the boys christmas gifts and I will be done. I have found the website that I will be using for the boys christmas stuff and the best part about it is that right now they are having a great sale. For the 4 days – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. What I am loving about is the Free shipping on orders of $50 or more. (some heavy-weight exceptions apply) but I am not ordering things that are going to be super heavy. I also absolutely love that everyday they offer free gift wrapping! I suck when it comes to gift wrapping. My child says that my gift wrapping looks like a kid from kindergarten did it and quite truthfully it does.

I am super happy to be almost done. I am a big procratinator when it comes to getting the christmas shopping done. I hate to admit it but yeah I am one f those people who is shopping for last minute gifts the night before christmas. As you can see I am super stoked to be done or rather almost done so early in the game.

I am almost done shopping for hubby

Like I was saying before I have already bought some of hubbies presents for christmas but I still need a few more for him and some for his brother. The brother is easy to shop for he likes sunglasses and sporty type things so I have already scoped out a website that offers a few things that I want to get him. is offering a black friday/cyber monday sale that has up to 60% off select syles (you know tee shirts,sunglasses,hats) I am going to be getting a few items for the brother and more than likely I will be getting Hubby his sunglasses from there too.

I absolutely love getting great items at a discount price. I feel so happy when I am saving money but still gettting the Item I wanted and the good quality that I expect. Are any of you guys done with the christmas shopping or are you like me looking for great deals online ? Searching online for great deals has helped me out alot. I love finding places that offer them and as always its a pleasure to be able to share them with you guys.

p.s An even sweeter part of shopping at is that if you use this Coupon Code: FREE2DAY this gives free 2 day shipping on all orders over $125 so you get even more savings than you are already getting . I am getting so excited this christmas.

I want want want

I want to decorate our front and back yard. I have always wanted a water fountain and a little pond in my back yard. I thinkk they look nice but hubby is always concerned about how much it will cost to runs such things he asks me to look at pond pumps and see how much they are and how much they cost to run and how much water fountains are and the cost to run those too.

I dont think about stuff like that but what I dont consider he always does. I jsut think about how pretty it would look and he thinks about the cost of everything and not just if it will look pretty. I hope It doesnt cost much because if it does I can forget about owning one.

I was just thinking

I still cant believe how much time has flown by. My oldest is in middle school now and in no time she will be in high school. I dont feel ready to have my children growing up so fast. Ashley being the way she is had no problems adjusting to middle school. She actually thrives in school. I on the other hand when I was her age struggled from going into elementary to middle school. I hated doing those science projects where u had to buy the cardboard displays adn have all your information on it and show the result of your work. I absolutely hated science and the science projects.

I will see how my other kids do in school because so far Ashley is the only one who loves school. My other two kids dont like school at all. I think the only reason why they go to school is to socialize. I hope they learn to love school and want to go to college. All I can do is hope and anyways they have quite a while before they get to high school anyways.

turkey, shopping is just around the corner

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just Two days away. I cannot believe how fast time went by. I love Thanksgiving but I love the christmas shopping that follows it even more. I have gone out every Black friday except for last year. I was pregnant and not feeling good so I shopped online, But this year I will be doing both. I am going to be getting some of the kids toys at are running a great promotion for four days that being Friday,Saturday, Sunday and Monday theey are offering free shipping on orders of 50.00 or more but of course like with all places some heavy weight expections apply. The heavy wait exception is not a big deal though cause i am not ordering anything that is really huge. Oh and let me tell you the best part offers FREE gift wrapping which to be perfectly honest with everybody I suck at wrapping. I think my oldest kid wraps presents better than I do.

I have bought a few of hubbies presents I just have to finish up on the rest of the kids presents. I better get a move on. Though the great part is that most of the kids toys will be ordered on friday at so that a big huge relief for me.

Got away for a quick minute.

I have been missing in action the past couple of days because I came down to San Diego to visit family and they didnt have internet. I felt naked without my daily internet fix. I also felt cold because their heater wasnt working. I am not sure if its because the need to replace some furnace filters or they need to fix some other part. I have no clue why it doesnt work I am just trying to make suggestions without reallly knowing what I am talking about.

Besides that i got to hang out a little bit with some old friends that I knew from way back. I loved seeing these people from years ago. Its crazy to see someone and they look exactly the same way they did when u last saw them.

I am going to try and get back on tommorow but I am not sure if I will be able to sneek some time since I am trying to spend as much time with the family as I can.

I need to get the PC fixed ASAP

I have run into so many problems on the Pc we own especially since all the kids and even my Brother-in law uses it. I dont know how many times I have had to wait minutes before it even starts going to the page I need it to go. I have told the kids a million times to be careful what websites they go to since they carry viruses but they dont listen.

I am tired of trying out antivirus programs that are resource hogs and slow down my computer even more than it already is. I need something that will do its job efficiently and quickly. I have seached through many antivirus software programs but many of them either slow my computer down or they interrupt my work or whatever it is I am doing with ther annoying scans that take up the whole computer screen. Please dont get me started and they annoying credit card charges every year too. I really dont mind paying a good price for quality service but what I am getting from popular antivirus programs leaves alot to say if they arent detecting the viruses right away.

While searching for a new antivirus software program I found VIPRE Antivirus + Asntispyware which wont slow down my computer which right there is a plus for me but not only that It is not a resource hog either and that is exactly what my PC needs. What is good about this anti-virus program is that it also analyze in real time and kills the virus before it has even gotten into the system. Many antivirus programs dont do that they wait till the virus is already in and after it sees weird behavior then it takes care of it. I want a program that will take care of the problem before not after!!.
Also a big thing for me is that it offers protection from email borne threats which is good because my teenager never listens to anything I say and opens up every email she gets. I need to get this antivirus right away and set it up on the PC before the kids end up killing the darn thing.

A mini vacation is what I need

My high school friend who I just found out lives in the same town I do just came back from Vegas. I wish I could have gone there. I need to plan a mini vacation because I go stir crazy in my house. I would love to stay at the paris hotel las vegas and be able to order room service and just chill out all to myself or maybe the hubby can come just maybe(hehe). I think every woman and especially mother should have a little bit of time to themselves.

I know that every now and then I need a little break.What better place to go then Las Vegas? I must admit that I like Las Vegas because they have nice outlets there too. Outlets are my best friend whne it comes to shopping . I love discounts and sales. If only I can find a good deal on a room in vegas especially at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas that is where you are gonna find me.

Holding dearly to my baby keepsake gifts

I am such a packrat and I have to often purge myself of the things I no longer use. One of the things I am never going to get rid of are my baby keepsake gifts that I have recieved for each of my babies. They are something I will treasure forever and maybe and that is a big maybe I will give it to them when they are older and married and having their own kids.

I get s sentimental everytime I see their baby stuff. They are growing up so quick and I dont think I am ready for all the changes that are going on. I want them to be babies forever but sadly I know there is no way possible that can happen. I wish time would slow down but again that is wishful thinking. All I can do is look at their little keepsakes and close my eyes and remember when they were that little

Baby shower games are on my mind

I need to start searching for baby shower games for three of my friends.They have finally started reproducing. I thought that I was going to be the only one with all the kids. I guess its because I started so young.

They are so thrilled to be expecting and always come to me with questions and concerns with their pregnancy.So guess who they asked to find them the best baby shower games out there. I have been invited to their baby showers and of course I want to have the best if not one of the best baby shower gifts that they recieve. I also want them to have the best games that are played.

I know how important it is to have things you can use given to you especially with the cost of raising a baby being so much. I want to help them out as much as I can. I am going to search for the items now that way when I go next month to the baby shower I will be prepared.

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