I need to breathe !!!

You know what I noticed about ariana ? I have noticed that ever since I put allergy mattress covers on her bed her asthma attacks havent been that often. I knew she was sensitive to dust but I dint know how much until I have been using allergy matteress covers and the new vacumn we have that is supposed to trap the dust mites and is supposed to have some type of filtration system.

My asthma has been acting up more than my daughters so I think I should buy a mattress cover too. I cant stand feeling like I cannot breathe. Maybe its the weather maybe its dust mites. whatever it is it needs to go away.

A dentist is always needed

I have always been careful with my teeth. After going through so many years of braces and retainers and cleanings I cannot afford to let my teeth go. On the other hand my sister-in law hasnt seen the dentist in maybe like 10 years if not more. I have told her plenty of times that she should at least get a check-up before she will end up needing dental implants Mexico has to offer. I find it funny but she hates when I kid around with her like that.

She is always careful with her teeth and brushes and flosses religiously but still she should still see a dentist. At least that is my opinion. I think I am so bog on teeth because I had to deal with having the dentist poke and move around my teeth and fix my teeth.

Finally found what I have been searching for

dentekcompletecleanI was recently asked if I would like to participate in a product review for dental floss. I happily agreed to participate because I try to take care of my teeth and my kids teeth as much as I can. Imagine my surprise when the dental floss that I was given to try out was excatly what I have been searching for all these years

The Dentek complete clean floss is a thin dental string that is made of two thin strings twisted together. You might think well its two strings twisted together so its going to be thick but it isnt thick at all. The dental floss is even thinner than most dental floss strings out there. Trust me I have been looking for thin dental floss for a long time since my teeth are so closs together.
The dentek complete clean has this fresh mint flavor that left my mouth feeling even cleaner than it did before. I am so happy to have been able to try this dental floss because now that I know that there is thin dental floss out there that doesnt hurt my gums I am going to be stocking up on it. Check out my video review below

*This review is a result of a feedback campaign by DenTek Oral Care Inc. The recipients were asked to give their honest opinion about the product they received. Good reviews were not incentivized and poor reviews will not be censored for their opinion of the product.*

I am fr fre freezing

I am absolutely hatingthe cold rainy weather. I cannot stand the rain. I much rather be looking for hotels in miami and enjoying their beaches than be stuck at home cold as Ice. I suppose I could turn on the fireplace and drink hot chocolate but I am so cold that I dont even want to go downstairs to make any.

Why oh why does it have to be winter time. Why cant it be summer all year long? I know I am so crazy when it was summer I cant stand the heat and now that it is cold I am complaining. I really am not happy no matter what the weather is.

I cant stand the rain.

Every now and then I feel so stressed out that If I dont get a little relaxation time I just might lose it. It would be really nice to get a vacation and see the Outer Banks rentals that I see advertised omline. I at this point wouldnt care where I went as long as I could have a little bit of peace and quiet.

I dont know if its all the holiday stress or what but I feel so overwhelmed. I feel sad at times especially when it starts raining. I dont think I could live where it rained all the time. Speaking of rain where are supposed to have some kind of rainstorm for about 4 days starting today. I am not to thrilled about the rain but as long as I dont have to go anywhere in the rain than I am alright.

I freak out everytime that I have to drive in the rain. So everyone sing with me Rain Rain go away come again some other day !!!

I have been so naughty

As it is with every holiday I have packed on a little bit more weight than I want to. I always say that I am going to be good around the holidays but sadly that is never the case. I went all out on thanksgiving when it came to eating and now I am paying the price by my jeans beign so snug on me. I am not quite to the point where I need to take weight loss pills but If I dont watch it I will be pretty soon.

I again am goign to try and see If I can be good during christmas but again i hardly doubt it since I will be around family who will cook good food that I cant help but eat. I especially have a thing for tamales and while they taste good I am sure ti si not good for me since I cant just eat one and that is how I am in the predicament I am now.

I will for sure say that my new years resolution will be to be more health conscious and again try to lose weight.

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