I need to find a job online

I hate not being able to go and spend money. We are on such a strict budget right now that unless it is really needed then we cant buy it. I am going to look at jobs we can do at home. I am going to see how I can lower my bills I am going to look at auto insurance quotes and see if i can get a smaller rate.
I dont know what else to do other than conserving energy and saving on the utility bills. I seriously need to find a job that I can do from home. We could use the extra money. Well let me be honest we have enough to may the house and the bills I just want extra money to spend buying stuff I want.

I hate not being able to get the cool things that people get to enjoy. I have wanted and Ipod for lord knows how long but I still havent been able to afford one.

It gets me upset

I sometimes get upset when I realize that I cannot do some of the things I find fun because of the accident that happend in july of 05. That lady that hit me with her SUV really messed me up. Because of that accident my back will never be the same. I wish I had had a bette attorney that would have made sure that I was conpensated well enough. I am going to have this back problem for the rest of my life.

I bet I could have found a Oklahoma attorney that would have worked better than what my attorney did. I just think that what I was compensated was nowhere near what it should have been.

It upsets me so much that when the weather is cold I can hardly stand straight because my back starts spasming. I hate that I cant enjoy going to amusement parks and getting on the fast rides. All of those things upset me so much. I was able to do have so much fun before the accident. Sorry to all of you for venting out my frustrations.

New changes, new attitude

I am taking the steps I need to so that I can be healthy and lose weight. I went out and got the Wii fit now all I need to do is set it up and start working out. As soon as the weather becomes nice again I am going to start walking around the block a couple of times.

In other news I am going to be selling Avon. I have my Avon website set up and cant wait to go out there and start meeting new people and get going. I want to be able to have my little spending money. I think selling avon is going to be a good way to meet new people and get to buy great products.

I am so excited at all the new things I want to do this year. Lets hope all of it goes the way I want it to.

what to do ,what to do

It looks as though we might go through another round of sick kids because the twins have a runny and then stuffy nose and they have a little cough going on. My brother-inlaw is sick too and could benefit from using my humidifier only problem is that I lost the humidifier filter that goes in it.

I dont know wether I should just buy another humidifier or try to look in the garage for it. I sometimes think that it would be cheaper to just buy another one than to spend countless hours looking for it when I havent seen it in years. If I had all the time in the world I would look for it but quite frankly I think I am just going to go buy one instead of wasting time looking in the garage.

I am getting the tools neccesary to reach my goals

Since I am serious about losing weight I have decided to buy the Wii fit to help aid me in losing weight. I dont think I can afford to pay the cost of going to the gym although I would love to go. I am sure there is alot of weight loss products I can try out and I plan to try each and everyone I can to find what is right for me.

I am determined to lose some weight and I am going to do it. I am going to keep telling myself that I can do it. I have a few friends who have lost weight and they are my inspiration to do it. Seeing their success lets me know that it is possible that I can reach my goal.

So fresh and so clean clean

I love good smelling body wash especially from Victoria’s secret and bath and body works. I dont know if its a feminine thing or what but I love smelling delicious. While I dont need acne body wash I do need to get more of the bath and body works body wash in the twilight woods fragrance. That stuff smells devine.

I got it as a christmas gift and I use it everytime I shower. I feel so clean and refreshed. Which fragrance do you like? what body wash do you think I would like ?

what would you recommend me to do ?

If you have been reading my blog you know that I am trying to lose weight and I know that I cant do it without some sort of help so I have been considering using diet pills . Based on the xenadrine reviews would you take these pills ? Do you think that they would work for me ? I dont know wether to keep checking out other options or just try the Alli.

All I know is that I have to get on the ball and do something about my weight. I cant stand feeling out of breath or just the overall heavy feeling that I feel. I want and need to do something about it so I am checking out all my options.

Can any one tell me more about diet pills ?

If you have been reading my blog you will know that I am trying to lose weight. I am trying to find the best method for me to lose the weight. I am so tired of trying to go on certain diets that dont work. I have decided to excercise and watch what I eat but I have also thought that I might use some sort of diet pills to help me along the way. I am still seeing which diet pills will work for me. I want a diet pill that will not cause problems with my body.

I have heard of the phentermine diet pill but I dont know of anyone who has used it. Have any of you readers used that diet pill ? I know some people who have used alli and right now that pill is about the only one I really know anything about.

What diet pills have any of you guys used that has worked ? I really want to loose the weight I am tired of being fat and unhealthy. I need t lose weight for my kids and for myself.

Umm I am not a teenager anymore

I have no Idea if its my weight gain and the foods I am eating or what but my face has been breaking out more. I am sure the breakouts are somehow associated with the way my body is changing. I am not sure if getting exposed skin care would fix the problem but I would sure as heck try it in order to get rid of my pimples.

I totally feel like I am a teenager again with all the breakouts I am having.For goodness sakes I feel like I am competing with my teenage daughter on who has the most pimple breakouts in day. She should be having pimples not me. I am not going to deal with pimple breakouts and my weight problems too . Both have got to go out the door!!!

I am determined!!!

My sister-in law is convinced that to help us lose weight we need to get a colon cleanse. I am not so sure but if its going to get me set on the path to lose weight then I say bring it on. I am determined to lose weight. I refuse to buy clothes any size bigger than what I already have.

I need to get rid of the muffin top I got going on too. I am sure some of it is the leftovers from my pregnancies but that is still no excuse. I am going to save some money and buy me a Wii Fit Plus to work out at home. I am also planning on checking out gym prices although they are expensive.

I wish their was a gym that didnt charge so much. I would be there everyday if they were reasonably priced.

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