I need to find a job online

I hate not being able to go and spend money. We are on such a strict budget right now that unless it is really needed then we cant buy it. I am going to look at jobs we can do at home. I am going to see how I can lower my bills I am going to look at auto insurance quotes and see if i can get a smaller rate.
I dont know what else to do other than conserving energy and saving on the utility bills. I seriously need to find a job that I can do from home. We could use the extra money. Well let me be honest we have enough to may the house and the bills I just want extra money to spend buying stuff I want.

I hate not being able to get the cool things that people get to enjoy. I have wanted and Ipod for lord knows how long but I still havent been able to afford one.

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I would love to find a job as well because I realy need to help my mom pay the bills and such. Good luck finding a job! =]

That sucks about being so broke. Are you a web designer, if so try getafreelancer, or try writing. Check out getafreelancer and see if there’s anything there that could help you out.

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