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I sometimes get upset when I realize that I cannot do some of the things I find fun because of the accident that happend in july of 05. That lady that hit me with her SUV really messed me up. Because of that accident my back will never be the same. I wish I had had a bette attorney that would have made sure that I was conpensated well enough. I am going to have this back problem for the rest of my life.

I bet I could have found a Oklahoma attorney that would have worked better than what my attorney did. I just think that what I was compensated was nowhere near what it should have been.

It upsets me so much that when the weather is cold I can hardly stand straight because my back starts spasming. I hate that I cant enjoy going to amusement parks and getting on the fast rides. All of those things upset me so much. I was able to do have so much fun before the accident. Sorry to all of you for venting out my frustrations.

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Considering I have never really liked fast rides at amusement parks (I get nauseous really easily), I can’t feel the sympathy on that aspect, but what exactly happened to your back? Maybe you could re-open the case with a different attorney and demand more monetary compensation at least enough to help cover more emdical expenses to aid your back.

I was crossing the street on the crosswalk mind you and the light was green for me to cross with the little walking sign and everything . I looked both ways and my sis in law who was pushing my son in the stroller mind u and I proceeded to cross when this freaking lady doesnt stop at the light because she was on her cellphone and hits me with her car I go flying and land on the street outside of the sidewalk area. When I go to the doctors they give me pain medication when it doesnt go away the do all kinds of tests and find out that I got slipped and bulging disks in my spine and that I have annular tears that dont heal but get worse as the years go by.

I am not sure that I can reopen the case since we settled. I wish my attorney had been better because the pain really gets bad sometimes.

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