All made up

I went shopping the other night at the mall and I stopped by and had my makeup done by one of those makeup girl in lab coats and after seeing the makeup on my face I decided to buy it. I dont normally spend alot of money on makeup but sometimes its worth it for the quality of makeup you get.

I have never been one to wear alot of makeup but lately I have made an effort to put some on. It makes me feel better and I believe it brightens up my face.I am starting to collect makeup and my makeup bag has gotten super full. I like alot of the makeup avon sells and I have been buying alot of it since I have gotten into selling avon.

I wish I could go to cosmetology school and learn all the cool techniques there is to put makeup on.I also want to learn how to do hair cause you know makeup and hair go together.

Thinking alot about wedding ideas

You know how I have been mentioning about wanting a nice and beautiful wedding well I have found an awesome video that shows me some wonderful ideas. Look at this video

and tell me if you think these Ideas would be wonderful for my wedding. I am so hooked on weddings right now. I have all these Ideas in my head of what I want and I have been holding on to all types of wedding gown pictures so that I can have my dream wedding gown made. As you can guess I am constantly checking out wedding websites for more ideas and gosh darn it by the time I have my wedding I will be having the best wedding any of my friends have ever been to.

I still want to have a private ceremony for the groom and I to seal our union but I am still gonna have the big wedding for the family. The only thing I am having a conflict on is what season I want to be married in. Depending on the season I choose will be the color theme I chose. Light colors would go with a spring theme and darker shades would go for a fall or winter theme. What do you think ?

I need a project !!

I got so wrapped up gushing about my husband that I forgot that I had to clean the blinds. I really want to put up some bamboo blinds up. I have always liked bamboo items and I would love to go with a bamboo motif. I would put up panda pictures along with bamboo frames.

I want a jungle theme in my living room. I want my theme in my room to be more of a morrocan theme. I think I am going to put burgandy curtains in my room and go for a shiny comforter in deep colors. I am so ready for my bedroom to look different. I get tired with the same old color and the same look. The babies already have a froggy theme and my oldest has a twilight theme.

I guess I am feeling bored and need to find something new to entertain myself with.

I love him so much

My sister in law is going through some marital issues and it just makes me see how blessed I am that I have a good marriage. My hubby has some sort of surprise for me tommorow and I cant wait. He has been so sweet and attentive to me that it has made me fall more in love with him than I already am.

I get so shocked when I see marriages that are in it for the children or that there is no love in it. I got married because I wanted to share my life with my hubby I got to the point where I felt I couldnt be without him. Its those moments where I see that I cant live without my husband that lets me know how much I am in love with that man.

getting too old too quick

I am feeling so insecure right now especially since my birthday is coming up. I havent been sleeping good and like I mentioned in my other post I am gettting dark circles under my eyes. I feel as if turning 30 is going to bring a big change in me. I feel old as it is and I have even bought a wrinkle cream to prevent any wrinkles that might appear.

I have to admit that I have already pulled out a few gray hairs. My kids tell me not to pull them out because more will grow back but I dont care I dont want to be so young and with grey hair. I still cannot believe that my daughter is a teenager. I am too young for all these things. Maybe I am just tripping but I feel like time is flying by and I am getting too old too quick.

I have raccoon eyes yuck

I have been having really bad dark eye circles and even though I have tried to hide them with makeup they arent getting hidden that well. I have been so worried about getting rid of them that I even checked out to see if they had anything I couls use to get rid of them.

My sis in law keeps telling me the reason why I have them is because I am not getting enough sleep. Oh course my aunts had to put in their opinion and tell me its because of lack of vitamins. I dont know who is right or wrong all I know is that that those circles make me look like I have raccoon eyes.

I also want to say that even though most concealers say that they hide the dark circles the freaking make-up didnt work for me. I wish they had concealers for different types of skin. I though that the concealer was too light of a colot to use but whatever.

We need a water softner or something

I cannot believe how much the water change is in when you move to a different county. I am so not used to having such dry skin. My daughters exzema is acting up and if it doesnt get fixed soon I am going to have to take her to get eczema treatment soon.

I hope we can buy a wter softner soon cause this is going to upset me so much. I cannot stand watching my daughtr so itchy.

Geez I cant believe the prices

I cannot believe how much car insurance costs. My nephew has me looking for car insurance cheap prices and I cant beleive how much it cost to insure a young person. Although I know that it has alot to do with liability. I guess I can see the rational behind it.

I am just glad that I dont have to buy car insurance for my kids just yet. I still have three more years to go before I have to worry about any of that. I know my daughter is anxious to drive but I want her to be a really good driver before she gets her license.

Although I dont have to worry much because she has always been an overachiever. I hope I can find this boy some good prices on car insurance.

I want an Ipod Itouch so badly

I have been eyeballing the ipods for a couple of years now. I wish I could just break down and buy one but everytime I am going to buy one the kids need something or there is something that I need to buy the household. I hardly have time to buy myself anything but thats part of being a parent right.

I am going to try my darnest to save some money and get one this year. I wish there was a contest or giveaway where I could win one. I think that is the only way I will get one because it is going to take me awhile before I can save the money to get one of those Ipod touch ones.

I need to relax

I have been so busy that I feel like I cant breathe. I have been trying to relax and just catch up on reading my friends blogs and checking out strivectin reviews. I know I am too young to be worrying about wrinkles but I see a few already popping up.

I swear in the past few days that I have seen a few gray hairs in my head. I am not used to have all this stress in my life. I pray and hope that things get better. I hope that as the months go by our situation gets better. I am going to try and read a book or watch a movie and see if that helps me relax a bit.

I wish I had the beach closer that way I could go and walk in the sand for a bit.

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