Its my anniversary yay !!!

Its our 7th year anniversary today and I dont know yet what we will be doing. Hubby got a day off from work so hopefully we will have something fun to do. The kids are near the end of their week long spring break. We are still planning to go to disneyland we just have to plan when it would be best to go.

I cannot believe how much work it is to pick up after the kids. I cleaned and within hours I had to pick up the exact same places I had just cleaned. I wish I could just snap my fingers and everything would go into place. I need help around the house and the girls are old enough I think to know how to keep their rooms clean.

When I was their age I had to make my bed and make sure I had picked up all the clothes off of the floor and make sure my room was clean. I guess times have changed because the kids these days just want to play video games and watch t.v

I am going to be putting them in sports again so that they dont have time to just sit around and think of things to get into. They are young and need the fresh air and the excersice.

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I’m late but, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Congratulations 🙂

I agree to the exercise! Go do something productive little kiddos.

I know I’m late, but Happy Anniversary!

thank you so much.

thank you and I agree the kids need the excersice

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