I am amazed at how quickly they are growing up

Yesterday we took the kids to the park. We had then running and playing tag and most of all playing soccer. I think I am going to try to get the four older ones in soccer this year. Of course nani would ask if we can get her some personalized soccer balls. I have no clue where she saw them at but thats what she wants.

I think she just likes seeing her name on her clothes and on her things. I have already bought her a few personalized bears and her personalized baby blanket. I thought she would out grow that stage but she hasnt yet. Nikki is more into sports and music. I am sometimes shocked at how different both girls can be. I am hoping they start to get along better. My boys get along good they have their moments where they get mad and will wrestle on the floor but they get over it quite quickly. I cannot wait to see how the twins will be . I see their little personalities coming out but I cant quite figure them out just yet.

Everyday is a new adventure with my kids and I cannot believe how quickly they are growing up.

Do you have life insurance ?

Do you give much thought to life insurance? I jusst got a term life insurance quote and I think the payments for it are quite reasonable especially for us becuae we have so many kids to worry about. I want to be prepared in case any thing should happen to us. I dont have that many family members that would take care of all my children and that worries me quite a bit.

I have awful nightmares of something bad happening to either me or the hubby and my kids dont have money to live or survive on. I am trying to be well prepared for any scenario. I know I can be a little bit of a hypocondriac but I think any mother or father would feel the same way. DO you have life insurance ?

I cannot believe the call I got

My babies birthday is today and they are sick. thats sucks bigtime but thats ok I am going to have a party for them later.I had to write down something funny that happend last night. Why did I answer the phone and its someone asking why have I emailed them asking to buy or sell extenze. I told them first of all what name does it have in the email. she tells me that their are only initials. AMR are the initials. I tell the person that first of all I am a girl and dont need to buy or use extenze and maybe its some kind of internet scam.

My sis in law hears the conversation and thinks I am talking to my cousin I said no its some stranger asking me if I emailed them. I told her they were looking for someone with the initials AMR. she goes my dad has those initials so I of course go and ask my father in law if he is trying to order extenze he cracks up and all of us started laughing so hard we could barely catch our breath. I cannot believe I had to answer that call and most of all I cannot believe mhy sis inn law made me ask her dad!!

Must have been a blessing in disguise

I tried to apply for a credit card and I got turned down. I am not sure if they have special business credit reports that they get or what. Its just as well since I really dont need to get myself into bigger debts than the ones we already have.

I had to hire someone to clean out our dryer ducts because they were clogged and I havent been able to dry my clothes good. Geez I wish sosemone would have told me how expensive it is to upkeep a house. If it isnt the dryer, its the sink or the dishwasher acting up. I The cost to fix these appliances are outrageous but its even worse to have to go out and buy new ones.

The summer heat is starting to get here and I need to make sure that my air conditioning is working because I cannot stand the heat. I am going to be in a pool or I am going to be at the movies or somewhere with air conditioning. I refuse to stick the summer through in hot weather. I get nose bleeds and I feel really dizzy when it gets too hot. I hope we can travel and go on vacation somewhere where they have a lake or close to a beach or something.

I just need time to myself

My little home office looks quite empty. I have been meaning to start buying office furniture but i havent had the budget to do it. I have wanted my own little space to be able to relax and blog and just have a little bit of time to myself. I know its very hard having all these people around but I have to find a way to just be able to breathe.

I often times find myself running to the computer room just to get a few minutes of peace and then its back to talking and dealing with the in laws and the kids. I haven’t had a minute of peace and quiet unless its 3 am and everyone is asleep and by that time I am asleep too.

I am going to to get myself that office furniture that I have been wanting and I am going to make the computer room my little office and thats wear I am going to get my relaxation time. Now if only I knew how to sound proof the room.

I have to start saving months and months ahead

CHristmas is going to be here before I know it and having six kids has me starting christmas shopping months and months before winter even gets here. The kids always want the big stuff and this years wish is for a ps3. The PS3 appeals to me because its also a blue ray dvd player I have heard and I have wanted a blu ray player since they first came out.

I am going to have to start saving now to have money to buy the ps3. I always try to get my kids at least one big item that they can all share and if all of them want this game system then thats what will probably be this years big item. What will you be getting your kids for christmas? Do you start christmas shopping real early ?

I am going to try to stay positive no matter what

Would you recommend me to take fat burner supplements to help me lose weight ? I have been watvhing wht I eat. I have been walking to lose weight but I am not losing much. I try not to eat too late. I dont know what I am doing wrong. I have been thinking of joining a gym to see if that will help me.

The hubby on the other hand is losing weight so fast and I cant keep up with him. We both eat the same and try to work out the same but yet he has lost 10 pounds and I have only lost 3. I am trying not to show my disappointment but I am not doing a goood job. He has been really nice and keeps encouraging me but I cant help but feel that I have failed myself and my goals.

I am feeling like its inmpossible to lose the 30lbs I have been wanting to lose. I am going to keep trying to stay positive but I wont lie to myself and say that I havent thought of quiting because I am not getting the results I want to see. I am going to keep taking it one day at a time and keep hoping I lose at least 1 pound every few days.

Three pounds less is good I guess

I have been trying to lose weight and i am not ashamed to admit that I have been looking for different types of weight loss help even if it means using diet pills. I am leery of some of the weight loss pills out there though. I was just reading about the apidexin scam and I dont want to take pills that might do more harm than good.

I have so far lost about 3 pounds but I guess thats good considerign I havent walked very much or really watched what I am eating. I get so distracted taking care of the kids that I forget to eat or I forgo eating one or two meals. I am goign to try and stick to my diet that I was doing last week. I really need to find some”me “time. I need to get into the groove of working out.

I want to grow old with my hubby

we just got done renewing our home insurance and I have been thinking of getting another life insurance policy. I have been thinking about getting a life insurance online quote to see if we can squeeze it in with our regalar bills we have. I really worry about the kids if something were to happen to us. I am one of those people who would rather be safe than sorry.

I also worry because we have six kids and we need to make sure all of them will be well taken care of. I am constantly thinking about who of my family members can take care of all of my kids I really wouldnt want them to be separated from each other. Is it kind of morbid to be thinking about such things ?

I am hoping both my hubby and I will live very long lives and watch our kids grow up and have children of their own. I want to grow old with my hubby and be able to have a house with a little swing that both me and him can swing on the porch and hold hands to while watching the sunset.

Good time other than lousy neighbors

Hubby’s graduation went without a hitch unless you count the cops coming over to tell us not to talk so loud. I dont think we were being that loud but whatever. I knew that these neighbors havent liked us since we have been here. They always find something to complain about. I would love to get along with everyone but it is kind of hard when they wont even talk to us.

Regardless they better get used to us cause we are not going anywhere anytime soon. We bought this house with the plan that all the kids will grow up here. I am planning to get them a pool and have them chill out in the backyard. I hope they dont complain about that too. I will eventually get them a swingset and I am not going to worry about what the neighbors think. My kids should be allowed to make noise as long as its during the day and a reasonable time at night.

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