You know I was there

Do you know where I was last night at around midnight? Yup I was with the die hard fans that bought their tickets early and lined up to see Twiligt’s Eclipse movies when it came out in theatres at midnight. I was there among all the commercial lighting that makes the movie experience and I was amoungst all the popcorn and team Edward or Team Jacob fans.

I almost didnt make it on time either. I listened to other people who said that it would be that many people at the theatre at 10pm boy were they wrong. We were toward the end of the line when we got there at 10pm. Luckly our theatre playee the movie in all their movie rooms and everyone was able to sit confortably. I got perfect seats in the middle of the room and had one of the best views. I loved the movie so much that I am thinking of going back to the movies and seeing it again.

What should have made me feel happy didnt

I had a wonderful time at the beach yesterday. The kids got in the water even though it was a bit cloudy. I thought the water was going to be cold but everyone said it wasnt. While watching the waves it got me thinking about the oil Spill that is going on in the gulf of New Mexico and it made me quite sad.

Why isnt something drastic being done. Why arent they making hte company find a solution right away? I am glad that the Louisiana Jones Act is in place and that at least someone is doing something somewhere. Why cant we follow their steos and be more proactive. I hate feeling helpless and not having some immediate solution to the problem. It troubles me so much to know that we are killing our planet. We are the ones who are damaging it beyond repair.

Seeing the beauty of the beach made me so freaking sad instead of happy. I hope he government does something soon before all the oil ruins the whole ocean and all the living things in it .

I need to get back on track

I have been putting some of the weight I lost back and It upset me so I am gonna try to get myself back on track. I hate gaining weight but I am the only one to blame. I have been eating junk food cause we had Jason’d family staying over and since they had junk food I would eat it and I would eat late at night with them when I wasnt supposed to. I could get apidexin cheap but I really want to try to do it on my own first.

I want to enroll in the gym and start working out. I could work out to some excersice dvds at home but I always figure that if I pay for a gym membership I will go often since I am paying for it. Gyms also have better excersice equipment to work out with.

I need to get myself on track. i refuse to buy clothes any bigger than what I am right now. I want to fit in the smaller sizes I am tired of shopping plus sizes all the time.

I hope they learn what we teach them today

My hunny got his braces put on. He is not a happy camper right now but in the end he will have beautiful teeth. I cant believe that his parents didnt fix his teeth when he was a little kid. That okay though because my hubby is taking care of all the things that his parents should have taken care of all by himself. I am very prideful and I dont like having to ask people for help. His family has no shame and will take advantage and so I am glad my husband is not that way. everything that he has done is on his own and I like it that way.

I not its not good to be so prideful but I really dont like anyone throwing things in my face. Since I was young I had to learn to do things for myself. I didnt have anyone to help me out but at least it helped me learn how to do things for myself. I want my children to learn to be independant and not expect anyone to always bail them out of messes they get themselves into. I am not saying I wouldnt but I just want to teach them to think wisely and be able to not get themselves in trouble. I have high hopes for my kids and I am hoping that all the good values we are teaching them now will help them when they are all grown up.

I wonder what causes eczema?

The summer is here and like every year Nani’s exzema is acting up. I try so hard to keep her eczema under control but something about the weather makes it act up. The summer and winter times are the most difficult times for her eczema.

I buy her special lotions for her skin and I make sure that her soap in not fragranced so she wont get a reaction. I am so delicate with her because she has always been the sensitive one. I really dont know how she ended up being that way. I am just hoping that she doesnt break out that bad this year.

I often wonder how Nani is the only one who has eczema and not the other kids? I hope none of my othr kids get it although they havent gotten it yet and I am sure by now they would have had it. I wonder what causes eczema?

My kids crack me up

I want to go to an amusement park. I feel like we have been stuck at the house for too long. The kids have officially started their summer vacation and I want them to have some fun. The girls went to the beach yesterday and the stories they came back with had me rolling on the floor.

My youngest daughter was telling me she got so cold tha she used one of the hand dryers to dry herself off. I told her she was so smart. She told me “mom the wind blowign out that thing could have thrown me into next week” the things that girl comes up with. Its true that kids say the darnest things.

I have to take the boys somewhere since they didnt get to go to the beach yesterday. I wonder if they want to to the park or chuck e cheese ?

I want a wedding

I went to one of friends wedding and it got me thinking that I would love to renew my vows. I didnt have a big wedding and we didnt have any family and friends with us when we got married so I have always wanted a wedding. I want to do the whole bridesmaids and groomsmen and the whole traditional things.

I know what groomsmen gifts I would choose and I know what gifts I would have for my bridesmaids. I have everythig i would like planned out I just need to have the wedding. Maybe I can plan it out and in a few years have the wedding of my dreams.

I think they are teething

My mother is law has been sick for the past few days and yesterday she ended up going to the hospital. My father in law has been looking for cheap health insurance because their medical bills are starting to get high and he wont be able to afford it if she keeps getting sick the way she has lately.

I am glad that we have health insurance through my husbands work and that we dont have to struggle looking for good health insurance. We might struggle a bit financially but we are doing ok comsoderign we have such a big family. I have been blessed and I am thankful for the great family I have.

There is no greater gift than family and I have plenty of kids to fill my heart with joy. I hope I never have to deal with any of my kids getting any serious illness or anything bad. The twins still have a bit of a runny nose but otherwise they have recovered really good from the colds that they had. I think they are teething and thats why they are so cranky lately.

I need to do this for my kids

I am still trying to lose weight and I need to step it up some more because Iam not mlosing alot of weight. I guess I should be happy that I am not gining alot of weight either. I have been looking at nuphedragen reviews and any other type of reviews on pills or whatever will help me lose these excess pounds I have. My goal is to weight at least 130. I am supposed to weigh about 115 for my height and I am no where near there. I have more than a hundred pounds to go.

I want to be healthy for my kids and for myself. I am tired of being fat and not able to keep up with my kids. Its makes me so sad that I have to stop and catch my breath and use my inhaler even for something so simple as playing tag. I am going to lose weight no matter how much work it takes.

I want all new things

I think its time for us to get new couches. I want some modern couches instead of the hand me downs we have had. I am not trying to sound ungrateful because I am not that type of person. Its just that the couches are older than my oldest child and are now ripping. I think its about time we get new couches.

When I married my hubby we started with all hand me downs and I think its about time that we start slowly getting new furniture to decorate our house. I am proud to be in the position we are. A few years ago if you told me we would be home owners we would not have believed you but here we are living in the house we bought a year ago. I am quite happy and there is only the sky as my limit. I am going to start slowly renovating my house and buy new furniture to decorate it.

I also want to paint the walls some nice and sassy colors. I dont like plain white walls. I want some nice dark red wallpaint or any other color that might catch my eyes. I also want to renovate my kitchen. I just have to remember to do things one at a time.

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