The stars look beautiful at night at least

I am starting to feel better. Thank goodness for that because I have alot of clothes to go through so I can have a yard sale. I am hoping that its succesful in this town since it seems like equestrian clothing would sale more than kids clothes. seriously while I love having a big house i do not love living near barns and stables. I live like down the street from a huge dairy farm where they have alot of cows that produce alot manure and there are days where I dont wanna be smelling that.

I dont mind the horses though. I would love to go horse back riding actually. I think one of these days I am going to see if any of these stables offer lessons. I often tell my hubby that we live in the country but are close enough to drive to the city. One good thing about living out here is that the stars look beautiful at night since we dont have alot of lights.

thank goodness for that

Right now that I am sick I sure appreciate online printing services because I dont want to be out in this heat and with a stuffy nose and a stuffed head and on top of that achey all over. Hubby has me printing put flyers for him and I really didnt want to be out running around with all the kids.

I hate getting sick because it slows me down so much and I have so many things to do throughout the day.Its not easy loading up all six kids in the car when they are all doing different things. I have a teenager who doesnt want t do anything and I have twins who are teething my four year old is a dennis the menace and I have to be constantly on my toes with him. He has been calmer because he doesnt feel good that was my first sign that he was getting sick.

Go away already

Yeah just as I had thought the house is slowly going down with the flu. The twins have got runny noses going on and they are cranky as heck. The heat isnt helping much either that just adds on to their crankiness. I am feeling nausea and my body hurts all over.

The two older boys have not been wanting to eat alot and just want to sleep. I am making sure to keep up their liquid intake and just in case I got a few bottles of pedialyte. I have been washing the sheets and their clothes and I have been spraying lysol all over the place.

I sometimes wonder how I keep this whole house running. I want to take a nap myself. Hey Flu bug go away already!!!!

I need to have that on film…..

I cant believe hoe quickly the twins are changing. I feel like everyday I should be recording their every moves because before I know it they will be walking and running and there will be no stop to them. I want to save up and buy a camcorder to record all those special moments. These guys are my last babies and they are just getting so big and I want to capture all those special moments.

David has caught the flu and I am just hoping that I dont get sick. I know more than likely I will since I have been taking care of him and I am already starting to feel achey. I just hope that the flu doesnt run through the whole house. Last time the flu went around it was really really bad and I dont want to go through that again.

I cant believe summer is almost over. We better get our butts to disneyland before the kids start school. I think as soon as we are all healthy we will make our way down to the happiest place on earth.

I swear I am going to melt

I am hoping we can go out of town this weekend because this 100 degree weather is getting to me. I am absolutely tired of all this heat. I dont even want to know what my electric bill will look like. I have been running the ac non stop. I keep hearing on the news that this is record heat weather.

The other day it was 106 degrees and then the news said we were going to have a storm . A STORM I sat there thinking how in the hell when it started lightning but no rain and that lightning caused the mountains to catch on fire. So yeah we had fires, lightning and really really hot weather. It was insanity I tell ya.

I want to go to san diego where at least I can visit the beach. I can hang out with some friends and just relax and not worry about me melting.

My bones hurt and I feel tired

My bones hurt. I think its because I am lacking vitamins and calcium. I am always so worried about the kids and makiing sure that they have all the vitamins and nutrients they need that I often forget about myself. I have been feeling the pangs of getting old and my bones are really starting to hurt. I am sure I need some womens vitamins because I am not getting them in the foods I eat.

I also need to start eating more than one or two meals a day. I am just in a rush all the time that I am not eating the way I am supposed to. I need to take care of myself better because I need to be strong for my kids. Who better than me is there to take care of them? I need to start back on my walking but its been so hot outside that I havent. I need to start getting back on the treadmill and walk on there.

I cant let more time go by and me be this unhealthy. I think I am going to go and check out some vitamins and start working out today.I will be back later.

Ughh I am so upset with myself

I went and got my root canal fixed. They put a crown on my tooth and my mouth is a bit sore. Hopefully that will curb my appetite for wanting to eat junk food. I want to lose the 6 pounds I gained so I have been looking for a program that will work for me.

I have checked out sites like to see which weightloss pills work the best and I am not opposed to taking weight loss pills if it means I will lose all this weight I have. I keep saying I am tired of the weight but yet I keep eating foods that are not good for me. I need to start eating better than what I am doing now.

I need to start working out. I need to get it through my head that I am the only one who can change the way I look. I need to eat right and exercise. Even though its hard to stay on a routine that is what I need to do. I need to do it soon too because my clothes arent going to be fitting me soon since I have picked up the weight I lost.

I need to get back into the routine I had

I have a dental appointment to attend to and I absolutely hate it. Hopefully getting my teeth worked on will stop me from eating so much. I have gained back the six pounds I lost which is not good at all. I always say that If I had fitness equipment I wouldnt not be as fat as I am but the reality is that I have not put much effort into losing weight.

I have sat here and ate all kinds of junk food. I have gone out and ate fast food when I should have been working out. I need to take credit for me gaining the weight. I have to start back from square one and although that is difficult to do I have to do it. I got too complacent and when family came to stay with us I just went on a eating splurge.

I am going to start watching what I eat again and I have to stop eating after 6 or 7 pm. I also have to start working out again.

Such a crybaby

I have been a crying mess. I cry at the drop of a hat and forget watching any kind of love movie or sad movie because I will come out with puffy eyes. I watched the adventures of Johnny Lingo with th ekids yesterday and I ended up teary eyed again. My kids keep telling me that they dont wanna go to the movies with me if I am going keep crying. My hubby keeps telling me if I dont quit being so emotional I am going to need to start putting eye cream on my eyes to keep them from being puffy all the time.

I think maybe its pms that has me so emotional. I know dang well that I cant be pregnant being that I had my tubes tied. I really hope I get over this whole emotional state I am in cause I hate my face looking so puffy but I just cant help crying for everything.

Thats how we spent our 4th of july

How was your 4th of July? We had lots of fun barbequeing and going and watching the fireworks. The morning started off slow with us waking up later than usual. We had spent the night before watching movies til late at night and didnt go to bed til about 3 in the morning. Its been a while since all of had the chance to sit down and watch a movie together.

After waking up and taking a shower and getting all the kids ready we went and got food to barbque. Thank goodness the day wasnt too hot. It would have been aweful to barbeque in such hot weather. My cousin and her boyfriend drove up to spend the day with us. My cousin had some type of e cigarette that she says has been helping her stop smoking so much. I was amazed because I had never heard of such type of cigarette.She said it worked for her and that she gets the same effects as her regular cigarettes. I will take her word for it since I dont smoke.

At around 8pm we headed towards the park to see the fireworks and it was one of the best shows I have seen. They had alot of fireworks and the show lasted half and hour which is much longer than the usual ones we go to. After that we all came back and chilled for a bit before my cousin and her man had to go home. How was your 4th of july?

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