I cant stand the stupid cable company. Satellite is way better

Everyday there is a new problem here at the house. I getting sick and tired of having cable t.v. I am seriously very close to canceling my cable and having the hubby go watch his games at some bar or restaurant that offers DirectTV. All his sports games are featured on Directtv and I wont have to deal with incompetent cable service.

I get so upset because it seems like every other day I am calling the cable service to either reset the cable box or come out and fix the digital converter box. All in all it would be easier for the hubby to go out to a business establishment that offers Direct tv or we can always order it but I think his sports channels are extra when it is home based instead of a business.

The hubby already has it in his head that when he opens his own business he is going to get sattelite cable in his lounge. He said he is going to carry all the sports channels and that everyone will want to come to his establishment. While I support him in everything he does I think he is going to the extreme planning already what channels he wants and having a lineup of different features he wants on his t.vs

I really wish I didnt have to deal with the cable company anymore. I hope we dont have that much longer on our contract. As soon as my contract is done I am saying bye bye to the worst cable service ever. I used to love cable before I moved to a different county. I have had nothing but problems after problems. If any of you are wondering wether you should pick satellite or cable always go for satellite television you wont regret it.

I am so proud of my hubby and his determined mind

Like I wrote before my hubby has been looking extensively into getting his own business. I never knew how much research goes into getting your own business started. The hubby has been looking into franchise lead generation blogs and seeing the results companies are offering. If you ask me I feel like Charlie Brown and when he tries to explain to me what he is doing all I hear is blah, blah, blah, I dont understand any of it.

Hubby tells me that in order to have a sucessfull business you have to research everything. I am glad he is so passionate about it. Like I said before he still has some years to go before he gets his business started but I am glad he is taking the inititive to start researching everything he needs to know. My hubby has his mind made up about his business and he is doing all the right things and looking into what he needs.

My hubby has been on a mission

My hubby has been wanting to open up his own business since we were kids. He has studied business administration and has been looking into what it takes to start and run a business. He has also given thought to franchising and has looked at franchise sales. I think franchising is a good thing but hubby seems to be on the fence about it.

I personally think you have to have alot of money saved up before you start your own business and we are not at that point in our life yet. It’s good that he wants to make plans and I will support him no matter what. I just want to be more financially stable.

I really love the fact that my hubby wants to better himself and has alot of goals and dreams to fulfill.

Our little trip is going to have to wait

We were supposed to be going to Disneyland this weekend although It looks highly unlikely though. I personally wanted to take one of those Orlando vacations but with our budget I could forget it. I think it will be a long time before I travel anywhere fancy. If we have to fly anywhere I better hope they have some kind of family special because its going to be very expensive.

I guess I should be satisfied going to places where we can drive to. Maybe just maybe I can save up and go on my honeymoon that I never had with the hubby and that way I will be able to afford it. I would feel guilty though going somewhere fun and not having my kids with me.

I hope we can go next week to Disneyland and have the kids unwind and have fun and say goodby to their summer vacation.

I need a break from all this stress

Ok so I have been having panic attacks and I have been wondering what has been making me feel so anxious? Well I think its due to me feeling so stressed out about not being able to find a place for my sis-inlaw and from getting the kids school ready. I feel like I dont have enough time in the day to get to everything I need to do.

I really should consider going to one of those cafe places to do online work or house searching because I am constantly distracted by everything that is going around me. I wish I could just snap my fingers and all the things I want to get accomplished got done.

I need to hop in the shower and try to cool off because its around 11 am and its already 102 degrees outside and I feel like I am melting.

freaking out over things

I hope we dont have another earthquake. When the weather changes drastically like it has this past week we tend to get earthquakes. I am one of those people that panic everytime we have an earthquake. I dont know how many times I have asked my hubby if the steel buildings in his office are make to withstand earthquakes. He reassures me that his building is safe and the buildings next to his are safe but I still panic everytime the weather changes. Since we moved out here I have noticed that when the weather has changed we have an earthquake and I am not taking about little itsy bitsy earthquakes I am talking 4.0 and above earthquakes.

I guess I should be glad we are not having floods or anything like that. Maybe I am freaking out because I feel stressed out. I dont know why I am feeling panicky. I just hope that my theories are proven wrong and we dont have a house shakeer anytime soon.

100 plus degrees oh my

This has been a record heat for us. Its been over 100 degrees this week alone. I have cranked up the AC and I hate to see what the electric bill is going to look like. I really hope that this heat goes away because its going to be aweful for the kids next week when they start school.

I have one more kid to buy school clothes for and I am done shopping for school stuff. I cant believe how many school supplies I had to get these kids. They gave me a huge list of school supplies to get for them and each one of their lists was different.

I only have three going to school right now. Imagine what its going to be like when all six go to school!! I am happy that they will be back in school though. They have been bored here at home and they cant wait to hang out with there friends.

I feel pressed for time

I feel as if once my kids are off too school I will have all this free time and I need to find a career. I know the twins still got a while to go so I figure I can enroll in college and see if they have daycare services for them. There is so much I want to do but I cant quite pinpoint what career I want exactly.

My friend buys wholesale shoes and sales them at the swapmeet on the weekends and makes pretty good money. She suggested I try to do the same things and just work on the weekends for now but I dont feel that is the right job for me. I feel like I am at a standstill point in my life where I need to choose what path I want to take.

I feel so confused. My friends tell me to take my time choosing but I feel like I dont have alot of time to choose. I feel like if I dont do something right now I wont ever do it.

There goes my day.

I have so much to do today. I have to go to my kids elementary school to finish registering them. They gave me a call last night and told me to come in. I cant believe what a short notice they gave me. I was always under the impression that they had some type of document management system that sent out fliers to the parents home to notify them of important meetings and such.

What would have happend if I was out of town right now? I would have missed the meeting because they only notified me the night before. I might just be overreacting a little bit but it upsets me because I might have wanted to do something else this evening instead of spending hours at the school registering the kids again. They went there last year what is there to register? I dont know about this school sometimes. I just think they need to get there act together is all.

finding a place to rent is such a drag

I have been busy helping my sis in law find a place to live and I am amazed at how hard it is to find a good house to rent. I am glad we own our house and dont have to go through all the rental process and the credit checks and all the requirements people are looking for. I dont want her to feel discouraged about not finding a place. Truth be told I am getting discrouraged at not being able to find a place that suits their needs.

I have been calling everyday nonstop and I havent been able to find a place for them. If its not one thing its another.They have good rental history. They always pay their rent on time. I dont understand how they need excellent credit to rent a place. Why cant they just speak to the landlords from previous places theynhave rented and check them out that way.

I have been praying and hoping that someone will give them a break and just rent to them. They are really good people and I want the best for them. I am going to keep searching and hopefully someone will have a place for them.

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