I cant stand the stupid cable company. Satellite is way better

Everyday there is a new problem here at the house. I getting sick and tired of having cable t.v. I am seriously very close to canceling my cable and having the hubby go watch his games at some bar or restaurant that offers DirectTV. All his sports games are featured on Directtv and I wont have to deal with incompetent cable service.

I get so upset because it seems like every other day I am calling the cable service to either reset the cable box or come out and fix the digital converter box. All in all it would be easier for the hubby to go out to a business establishment that offers Direct tv or we can always order it but I think his sports channels are extra when it is home based instead of a business.

The hubby already has it in his head that when he opens his own business he is going to get sattelite cable in his lounge. He said he is going to carry all the sports channels and that everyone will want to come to his establishment. While I support him in everything he does I think he is going to the extreme planning already what channels he wants and having a lineup of different features he wants on his t.vs

I really wish I didnt have to deal with the cable company anymore. I hope we dont have that much longer on our contract. As soon as my contract is done I am saying bye bye to the worst cable service ever. I used to love cable before I moved to a different county. I have had nothing but problems after problems. If any of you are wondering wether you should pick satellite or cable always go for satellite television you wont regret it.

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