There is more to me than being a wife and mom

I guess I am going through some sort of mid life crisis. I feel like there is more to me than being a mom and housewife. I want to have a career and something to do when my children grow up. I got married young and started having kids young. I never went to any school other than high school.Now that the kids are starting to get older and not needing me so much I want to look into isome sort of career.

I have been really leaning towards medical assisting or medical billing. I just love the nursing scrubs that I would get to wear if I was a medical assistant. I dont know but something about wearing a nurse uniform makes things more official in my head. I know that if I got a job in the medical field I would buy different color scrubs to wear to work.

I already have a place in mind where I can get scrubs for cheap. If I go to school for medical assisting you bet I am going to need more than one scrub set. I am getting more excited for a career in the medical field. I hope this career is what I am meant to be doing. I love being a mother and a wife but I also want to do something that my children can see that I have achieved by putting my mind into it.

p.s dont you think this color scrub would look good on me ?

I want to be at a place where I can make a difference

I have started looking for a job. We have had so many unexpected costs and not enough money coming in. In this economy it really takes to working people to maintain a household. Especially if you happen to have six kids to take care of. I have been looking for any type of job including accounting jobs.

The hubby has had his accounting job for over 9 years and loves it. I want a job where I will love to go to work and enjoy what I am doing. I dont know if its just my way of thinking but I think if you dont love your job you are not going to do your best and give it your all. Many people settle for any job because lets face it money is money. I dont want to settle for just anything but I am willing to work any job until I find the perfect job for me.

I see how happy my husband is at his job and thats the kind of job I want. I want to be at a place where I feel like I make a difference.

Please let this be the last of life’s curveballs

Oh goodness life sure has a way of throwing curveballs. I have had the twins sick with a cold. Let me tell you in case you dont know, a sick baby who is cranky and whining and wants to be carried all day is not good now times that by two. I have not been able to get to all the house cleaning that I needed to and I have at least 6 loads of clothes to do.

Hubby’s car decides to go kaput the other day.I have been scrambling around trying to get the parts that need to be fixed.I have also been looking for a good mechanic who does not want to charge us an arm and a foot like the dealership wants to do.

If the engine parts wasnt enough to break down both the driver’s window and the front passenger window decides to go out. I just want to scream but of course I am maintaining my composure and I am trying to get the car fixed as soon as I can since we all depend on the hubby and the money he brings in from work. Please Please let this be the end of the car problems although I doubt it since we had to fix the alternator last month

I dream of a vacation every night,I seriously need one

Being a mom to six kids is certainly hectic. I stop and think every night how fun a family vacation would be. Usually our vacations are done locally. I want to go somewhere new and I have been wating to go to the Outer banks for quite some time. I have heard nothing but good things about the Outer bank and their beautiful Outer Bank rental homes.

My friend goes every year and stays for a week and has begged me and begged me to go and see its beauty. She studied Architecture and is always telling me how beautiful the houses are built. I have looked at pictures of the places she has recommended and I have to agree with her. The Outer Bank area looks so lovely and peaceful (exactly what I need) and I really loved the houses Carolina designs has. Wouldn’t you love to vacation in this house ? I know I dream on vacationing Out there every night. I seriously need a break and hunny if you are reading this I WANT TO GO TO OUTER BANKS AND VACATION THERE. Nina if you read this as soon as hubby says yes you better go and stay the same week I do.

What piece of jewelry has the most meaning for you ?

They say that diamonds are a girls best friend. I was always one of those girls who was more of a tomboy and thought that any jewelry would just bother me. But as I got older I started to like wearing jewelry more.

One of my most favorite piece of jewelry is the diamond ring my hubby gave me when we got married. I am so proud of my ring. My hubby wants to buy me another ring with a bigger diamond but I am happy with the size of my ring. Its not the ring that makes me so happy its the vows and promises that he made to me that make the ring so special.

How do you feel about any jewlery that you have ? Does it hold any special meaning ?

What do the women do is my question?

Have any of you watched the heavyweight competitions? I have always wondered how those men get so built. I am sure alot of it is weight training. Sometimes not often though you think that they are just body building to get like that but you find out that they are using some kind of muscle supplements to get that way.

I often wonder if they have those kind of supplements for women to take? I have seen some females that look as good as some of the bodybuilders. I often wonder do those women take the same muscle supplements or do they take some kind of testosterone pill to make them look like men?

I know those are crazy thoughts that come into my mind but I am seriously curious to know how those women end up looking like men. Do you remember the show Galdiators in the 90’s ? Do you remember the girls that used to be on that show? Didnt they look just as built as the men? How did they get that way? My question for today is what kind of excersice or regimen do the women have to do to get all built and muscular like the men.

I need the support of others

I am sorry if I am boring you guys with my weight problems. Its just as the holidays are approaching its making me even more depressed. I love the holidays and I love the food but its all that bad eating habits that have me weighing what I weigh right now. I wish I could be one of those people who could take diet pills and just shed the pounds like nothing.

I will keep trying ad I keep telling myself that even if I have to resort to having a medical procedure to get me to my goal than that is what I will do . I hope my hubby is supportive of any decision I might make because right now I feel like I need all the support I can get.

I wish I could find a weightloss group close to me where I could get the extra support I need.

I need to do something about it

As I sat thinking about my previous blog post I got even more sad and depressed for not being able to lose the wight I want to. I feel like even the best fat burner would not help me at this point. I know I am just feeling that way because the diets I have gone on havent worked.

I dont know what else to do. I am tired of being fat!!! I see alot of my friends being able to lose weight and look real good and I keep wondering what is wrong with me that I cant lose all the weight I want. I keep putting myself in this rut by eating but I cant just go and starve myself either.

I have cut out soda and I need to start cutting out alot of the sugar I eat too. I havent cut out sugar and that might be one of the problems. I want to cut out carbs too. I am going to talk to my doctor and see what he recommends and then take it from there.

The things that bother me

One of my biggest dilema’s is the whole losing weight thing. I struggle everyday with my weight. I am one of those people who will read anything promising me tips onhow to lose weight fast. I have given some thought to having gastric bypass done or getting the lapband.

I know there is alot of thigns I need to research before I decide to go such a drastic route as surgery. I just sometimes feel depressed that no matter what I try to do I cant seem to lose a good amount of weight. I have cut out sodas and I try to eat healthier and I watch the amount I eat. I cant seem to lose more than a few pounds. I want to lose at least 30 lbs.

I am giving alot of thought to joining a gym. I just have to see if its within our budget to pay for a gym membership.

Any reason to party…. Like a rock star

My high school friend got engaged last night. I think I am going to talk to my high school friends and see if they would like to get together and have a little engagement party or dinner for them. I love having get togethers with my high school friends.

I might just be using the little party to go shopping for a gift but hey I dont care. I am super happy about her getting engaged and I cant wait to go look for the perfect gift. I am going to check out to see if I can just get her gift from there. I cant wait to help her out with the wedding. It seems like all my friends are either having babies or are getting married.

I guess its about time we all grew up. I was one of the first ones to get married and have kids. Now out of all the girls that used to hang out together there is only one who isnt married or has kids. I cant wait to go shopping with the other gals for her gift!!

I am calling and emailing all the girls and letting them know that they all have to bring a gift to the party. Girls night here we come …

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